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  shaneac  |  0

The real FML is that the OP has to explain to their kid why the aunt was missing, and why she's going away. It stinks to explain funerals to little kids (luckily, I haven't had to.)

  kofinater  |  3

the verbs in the sentence were "walked" and "exclaimed", those are past tense. The son's sentence is present tense because it is a quote.


@psuboy - the FML was originally written as, "Today, at an Aunt's wake, my five year old son walks up to the coffin, and, with the whole family around him, exclaims "Well that's good, I was wondering where she's been." FML"

It was fixed after I commented.

  ComMed1  |  0

so if something happened earlier in the day it is present all day. today= over the course of a 24hr period. this means that ops son did something funny that day. understand?


You use present tense if you're telling it as if it's happening right then and there, not if it happened earlier in the day. Earlier in the day is still past tense. One second ago is past tense. For it to make sense in present tense, OP would have to be writing this FML as the kid was doing it.

  baden18830  |  5

go die. seriously, the best fml's are the ones that make you laugh, just like this one. if you want a barrage of whiners and people who actually SHOUlD hate their lives, check out either or