By Anonymous - 04/09/2012 17:26 - Netherlands - Utrecht

Today, at a supermarket entrance, a seemingly drunk old lady said, "Sir?" as I passed by. I just ignored her and walked in. When I walked out with my groceries fifteen minutes later, several people were standing around her, calling for an ambulance. She'd passed out on the ground. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't see why you wouldn't have just asked what she needed, instead of ignoring her COMPLETELY... :/

Why did you ignore her?! Even as a courtesy you should at least see what's wrong and if she looks bad get help for her!


Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't see why you wouldn't have just asked what she needed, instead of ignoring her COMPLETELY... :/

Where the hell was John Quinones???

You just cannot trust people anymore these days. It could easily be a 'trap' and that the 'drunk old lady' might have mugged him or whatsoever. OP was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

SenselessPattern 12

She was gonna mug a guy in front of a supermarket? If we're gonna play along with that scenario, she must have fainted from her balls bursting, because they must have been huge to attempt something like that.

A drunk old lady was going to mug him ? Nice.

Yeah, because when you see a sick old lady trying to get your attention, the best thing to do is assume she's drunk and save yourself the trouble. YDI

I'm pretty sure 47 is just joking? I mean you can't really believe that he/she really thought that a sick, old, drunk lady would mug OP, right?

Everybody needs to stop pointing the finger at those admitting they would not have stopped to help. There are many psychological cases that show that most people do not stop and help an individual in need. How many times have you walked past a homeless person without even thinking about it? Statistics show that most of you would not stop for the old, possibly drunk, woman. Stop being so damn self-righteous.

I can understand what the OP did. Where I live, there are alot of homeless people and they all ask for money. It's easy just to ignore them when you get asked several times per day for money. You just block them automatically after a while...

allforyoux3 25

Seriously. I'm diabetic and I passed out once because of low blood glucose level. My friend later told me that she thought I was kidding around at first because I was acting really drunk. You should never assume.

I don't know about everyone else here but I sure as hell will ALWAYS take the time stop and help someone if they ask my assistance. I have time, it's not like they're being rude to me or anything. Society is too damn impersonal these days. People need to get that 10 foot pole out of their assess and actually accept that they're in a very human world.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

If someone addressed me, I would stop to see what they wanted. I'm not acting "self-righteous"; it's what I would honestly do.

thiscrazything 1

What if that old lady was your mother? How would you feel if everyone just ignored her when she asked for help. YDI for being heartless.

I'm not being self righteous; it's called being a good person. I have seen so many people wandering the streets asking people in cars for money or hanging around downtown. Even though I've been asked so many times, I at least respond to them or try to give them money or even if I have unopened food or water. I could not bear to ignore someone in need.

coughyochick 7

131- but it wasn't his mom. Chances are he would help his mom

She was having a stroke most likely

ilovemarkhoppus 14


In all honesty. I probably wouldn't have stopped either. The first thing that would've crossed my mind would've been "Oh, she's just a crazy lady." Aside from that. I suffer from Social Anxiety. I just brush past people when they try talking to me. Not trying to be rude. I just tend to panic.

Nice. What happened to the kindness of strangers, I wonder? She is an old lady, even drunk, she was not likely to attack or bother you. At least find out what she needs and then move on if she is just simply drunk.

Because society has gone to the shitter

FirebirdF350 7

I don't see why y'all are making this guy out to be a dick, honestly ignoring her was an acceptable course of action since he did not know her and all she said was 'sir', not 'help me'. She could well have been a mugger, and while it turned out not so in this case it was possible. When I went to MEPS a group of hobos attempted to mug me and 3 other military recruits, not fifty feet from the store we just left, nor even 500 feet from the hotel that recruits and personnel are know to stay at and have stayed at for over 5 years. So yes, muggers can be that bold, and that stupid.

She didn't ask for help. She was basically asking permission to ask for help lol.

78- I can't recall any instances of my completely ignoring anyone on the streets (homeless or not), especially when they're talking directly to me. That's called being douche.

Like you haven't ignored a stranger before.

^In all honesty, very, very rarely if not never. I always at least acknowledge them.

I live in a place where I am accosted by homeless people every day. I am now to the point that I ignore all people who call out in front of stores. Don't blame me, blame the lazy homeless people.

Citizens.. How many times have you passed someone broken down on a highway and drive right past them? Because some are scared of getting mugged if they stop to help which is understandable but it still doesn't hide the fact that you could have helped that person. Or when walking into a gas station and a poor man asks you for a dollar, how many people say no? Because we aren't going to give him the dollar if we can tell he's gunna use it for a drug habit or alcohol. Every situation is different, bc op had no clue what the old lady was wanting. If someone was in the front of walmart, while I was walking in, and tried asking me something I would have probably done the same thing.

256- women are actually told many times not to stop on the side of the road if they're alone to help someone because many times, it's dangerous. I haven't heard of a story where an old lady mugged someone on the street. Sure it's possible, I guess, but there's the higher chance in that scenario that she needed some type of help. And even if you told the homeless person no, you're still acknowledged them, unlike OP.

#1 don't you ignore drunk people?

Why are they down voting you? You are correct, I have been mugged by a seemingly senile old man, who tottered off to a car with my wallet

FlamingTacos 7

Hey, you didn't know she would pass out.

But the fact that op ignored her does not restore faith in humanity at all.

He probably just thought she'd ask for money , and it's hard for some people to say no. Just a guess

Why ignore her though? Lesson learnt Op :(

hopsinlove17 26

He could've been a good Samaritan. It's not that hard to offer someone a lending hand you know...

SeattlesBest97 1

Then how about you go stand on the frickin side of the fricken street and say oh why hello sir, may I fricken help you today?!? -.-

hopsinlove17 26


I only up voted because tacos

69 - Your kitteh is SO cute!

B3Y0ND 3

119- ... What?

Some people can barely afford their groceries let alone give out money. There are people that will pose as homeless people on the street to get free money, so you never know if you're helping the right people. Drunks can be rude and obnoxious and he probably wanted to avoid a confrontation. It's not the fact that he was cold and heartless, if he was he wouldnt feel guilty for not helping her, it's just that he misconceived her honest cry for help, and in my opinion, it is a mistake that anyone could make.

kristabelli 19

Even drunk people need help sometimes.

The fact that they are alone, drunk, and in a public place probably means that they could use some kind of help.

64, no. You were not wrong in thinking that. That very well may have been the case in this situation; hypoglycemia is known to mimic being drunk and its very dangerous. :/

Although drunk people are hard to deal with when they're not sober

Lithiette 9

#186, I love all the sense your sentence doesn't make.

Why did you ignore her?! Even as a courtesy you should at least see what's wrong and if she looks bad get help for her!

I agree, and this is much more of an FML for the poor elderly woman than it is for OP

What were the chances ?

Pretty high... Drunk people commonly pass out, and she probably wasn't even drunk.

You must feel horrible. Why didn't you look at her at least?

Bravo... You know, many illnesses can appear as if one were drunk. Hope for your sake she lives.

May this be a lesson to everyone.

Your picture is crude but is also crudely family guy. Well played. Well played.

The question here is, how the hell do you do your grocery shopping in only 15 minutes? It takes me no less than an hour, including all my impulse buys! Teach me your ways! Oh, and you're a dick for ignoring a sick old lady.

doc just out of cutiousity do u talk to every hobo, elderly, drunk or pale looking person you meet? say he was in like newyork city or something you don't know and most people would not have said anything to the old lady so only call him a douche bag if you are 100% sure you'd talk to the lady even if you're in a hurry

Chances are that he has if he is a real doctor.

what if he lives in ny city do you think he'd talk to all those bums/sick/drunk/crazy people he'd have no free time

Yeah? And I live in Miami, another large city. Just because you live in a large town with a lot of crazy people doesn't mean you can ignore people. SHE CALLED OUT TO HIM. And he ignored her. The best thing to do would have asked her what she needed and if it was absurd and she was obviously drunk, them he can apologise and tell her no. I hope that she is alright. Lesson? Looking "drunk" can be a symptom of many illnesses. Loss of coordination and slurring are common symptoms of a stroke. Hopefully it wasn't that serious and she's alright :(

46- did you choose the username alone_and_hated because you are a sad troll?

People. What OP did was completely normal. I bet half of you have rarely, if ever encountered the homeless. And think of I this way, those damn annoying people at the mall, working the kiosks or whatever, always calling to everyone specifically. No one gives a damn, rarely anyone even pays attention. Those people like the old lady do it to themselves, OP should not be hated because he ignored someone who has ever likely done anything for another.

StayClassyLassy 6

#73 I agree with what you said except for the last sentence. How did the old lady do it to herself, and how would you know if the old lady hasn't done anything for someone else?

31 Wow your name fits you well.

TheDrifter 23

Wow some people are dicks. Around here, even well known hobos get a "how goes?" or a shrug and a "sorry brother". If they need help, we're listening, if they need change, we've declined and don't have to break stride. But being a Drifter myself, I try to keep cigarettes and dollar coins on me to hand out, people appreciate the gesture and remember you kindly for it.

Alright, easy people. My job is helping people, so if she looked injured, I would have stopped to help. However, I'll admit to passing homeless people in the street just like everyone else does.

thiscrazything 1

Doc, here's the answer; if you only have $25.00 then you can get your shopping done in less than 15 minutes. As an added bonus, $25.00 worth of groceries doesn't even fill one bag, so it's easy to carry.

I mean, sure I've passed by homeless people; I walk by other people too without looking. The problem is that the lady called out to him. I don't hand out change to every one I see, but if a homeless person specifically asked me for money, I won't ignore them; that's just arrogant. If I can't spare change, then I apologise to them. I at least acknowledge them. And yes; statistically, people won't pay attention to a person in need, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE won't. Sometimes you just don't have the ones that would help around; that doesn't mean they don't exist. And it certainly doesn't mean that ignoring someone is completely fine. Psychology studies have also shown that people will torture someone they don't know because a figure in authority will tell them to; even to the point of "death" (the person being tortured was actually an actor that they couldn't see) Does that mean torturing someone is fine?

RandomComments 6

144 - Tl;Dr

I was wondering the same doc. I went to Walmart for three things and spent an hour there

149 is obviously a moron who won't put the effort and a minute of his time to read a comment. The same time it probably took to type a half assed comment.

31, being in a hurry is a excuse to not care for human life? Bum or not they called you. She was polite enough to say "Sir" even if she was a homeless person OP is no better than anyone else on this planet he could of given her the common courtesy to acknowledge her and maybe see that she needed help.

73, did you his compare a healthy employed worker to a sick elderly woman? No not the same at all. Also I think it's rude and disrespectful to ignore those kiosk people as well. Some people just don't have manners anymore these days.

86 u dunno the real reason for my name and i find it funny i get the down vote and doc get up vote when he admitted to what i was saying and 86 im leaving fml now along with other things ill keep acct for a few dayz to check msgs then bye

73 no1 is perfect not even a pikakitty

You admire and curse him at the same time, make up your mind.

calilovergirl 4

It doesn't matter if he was in a hurry, even if she was going to ask for money or whatever, he could at least acknowledged her while he continued walking. Then he would have known she actually needed medical attention. As a medical professional I ALWAYS answer someone, it's just courtesy. It Doesn't mean I am going to stop and talk and have a full conversation, but I will at least acknowledge the person. OPs a dick for thinking he's too good for society, and ignoring her. Never judge a book by its cover. I'm sure after he saw the crowd and ambulance he continued walking without a care.

ThePsyche 9

Doc, can you recommend any strong nausea medication? OP made me sick by the way her treated the old woman. :

73 - Fact. These ppl are ripping OP a new one and act all holier than thou, as if they're descendants of Mother Theresa. Get real ppl.

crazy4uboi 6

He probably was only picking up a few things and not on like a major grocery shopping spree

dacuar 0

Now that's funny!!

Umm, she could've died.. what's so funny about that?!?

11- You are a sick, depraved person. Get help, PLEASE.

Oh I know, I laugh everytime an old lady passes out in a grocery store where it can be life threatening for her age.

wtf is your problem? jackass!

Funnier if she died!