By Noname - 20/02/2009 05:30 - South Africa

Today, at a strategy session my manager displayed a flow chart of his employees. I wasn't included. Apparently I had been fired and they forgot to tell me. FML
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No, I think they just effectively told you.

....they forgot to tell you? so they forgot to stop paying you too?


that sucks dude

No, I think they just effectively told you.

Kinda has an "Office Space" theme to it. I agree; your life is fucked...On the other hand, you could set the building on fire.

Haha I love all these Office Space references! I was going to say something about it too, but I saw that everyone already had. XD

set the copier to print solid black paper 500 copies. It'll use up all the ink and jam it really good. They screwed you, return the favor.

You sir, are savage ?

employees aren't in a flow chart. no wonder you got fired

awesome comment #12...

#12: I'm thinking he meant organizational chart, not flow chart.

the cream floats to the top, you are not very creamy- goodbye

lol keep working there until they tell you. don't put up with passive aggressiveness.