By Anonymous - 20/07/2016 15:08 - United States

Today, at a job interview, my interviewer excused himself to use the bathroom, so I took the chance to let out a tiny fart I'd been holding in. That tiny fart filled the whole room. When he came back, the guy literally stopped dead in his tracks and recoiled at the stench. Doubt I'll get that job. FML
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You're supposed to tout your strengths in an interview...but you shouldn't literally toot your own horn.

At least you can interview at Exxon now. You know everything about gas.


Should've waited until the interview was over. YDI

Passing gas is a natural thing. And it's not like you can always control when you need to fart. It's unfortunate that it smelt, but people need to stop acting like farting is such a bad thing. At least OP tried not to let it affect the interviewer.

Agreed. My primary school teacher used to yell at whoever farted in class for 'not controlling their body'. I always thought that was fucking stupid, sometimes they just slip! Personally I think OP was being considerate by choosing to hold the fart until the interviewer left.

Problem is that it is disgusting, i don't want to smell other peoples butts! That's why we don't fart in public, no one wants to smell that

No one wants to go around smelling people's farts, but sometimes it happens. You've never had a time where you had a has bubble that hurt so bad you needed to fart to release the pressure. You'd rather suffer in agony than maybe offend someone by farting?

I think it can actually kill you if you hold it in.

At least you can interview at Exxon now. You know everything about gas.

A fart is a normal bodily function, it shouldn't stop you from getting the job if you meet all the other requirements.

They might get the job but might not want to, out of embarrassment

Why didn't you just go to the bathroom when he went? At least then you could have farted in there and it wouldn't have been weird.

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you might not get the job, but at least you got rid of the gass.

I thought females cannot fart they push out rainbow's candies and babies

You're supposed to tout your strengths in an interview...but you shouldn't literally toot your own horn.

Real question is why didn't the interviewer wait until after the interview... You must have been boring him OP

When you gotta go, you gotta go...

Some people have medical issues that prevent it. A former boss of mine has an enlarged prostate and he went VERY often. He flat COULD NOT wait. Also, someone prone to UTIs should not risk an infection to avoid inconveniencing someone. When you gotta go, you gotta go, and every single person can relate. Nothing wrong with having people wait just a few moments.

You also could have opened the door beforehand.

and let everyone else bask in your glory? i think not. haha

Always poop before an interview or a meeting!! Then if you fart it won't stink. At least for most.

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Is that really how it works?? Why am I learning this just now??! Time to put it to the test...

OH MY GOD! YOU PREFORMED A NORMAL BODILY FUNCTION?! YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET ANOTHER JOB AGAIN! But seriously, why would that keep you from getting the job? Everyone farts. You just did it at a pretty bad time...

Because its not only rude but unprofessional? Professionalism at an interview is a must!

You've never had one slip out? Or such bad pressure that it hurt to keep it in. Sometimes it happens. At least OP tried to do it while the interviewer wasn't in the room.