By Rhine - 16/12/2012 23:51 - Barbados - Bridgetown

Today, at a Christmas party, my crush came up to me and cutely pointed out that I was standing under mistletoe. The only response my stupid brain could think of was, "Probably full of nargles though." He gave me a confused look and walked away. FML
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What did you expect from a muggle?

Ignore the muggle, you should of followed it with 'my name might not be luna but i know how to lovegood.'


What did you expect from a muggle?

Accio, Harry Potter references!

They're always great references :)

I wish there were many more harry potter references

Darkmagic666 9

I was going to say this. You beat me to it :p

johnrdz3 24

I would've kissed her for the awesome reference

Don't feel sad, Luna's awesome :)

MsMourningStar 22

Correction! Luna is the best! I actually convinced my fiancé that if we have a second daughter to let me name her Luna Love because our last name will be Goodner! How great is that?! I'll have my very own Luna Lovegood lol

jem970 19

Omg 26 I am so jealous of you right now! Did you marry your husband for this exact reason?! I would have!

MsMourningStar 22

Hahaha no but it was definitely a bonus! Lol

Ignore the muggle, you should of followed it with 'my name might not be luna but i know how to lovegood.'

Did you really just pull that pun from an Austin Powers movie..?


madgrinchhatter 12

Yeah, because Luna Lovegood is totally an Austin Powers character.

kitkatkit 4

18 I'm confused as to how you can make a Harry Potter reference, then totally miss this one

lucyy123 14

81 what I was going to say!!

fluffernut15 6

I believe #18 is referencing Felicity Shagwell in Austin Powers 2

twinny_sc 13

He doesn't get the reference his loss not yours.

If only I could thumb down #5 more than once. :/

if only I could thumb down 52 more than once, at least I'd have a reason. 5 made a valid point

GrangerGal9089 6

Too bad that silly muggle didn't get it, you were just working your magic! ;)

I LOVE your picture!! AVMP/S UNITE :)

RochelleRedvines 8

I brought the redvines!

95 - what the hell can't they do!?

GrangerGal9089 6

GAH oh my Godric and here comes a bunch of fellow Starkids!!! We should get a party going, but no Squirt because only Harry Potter likes that hogshit!! XDD

irishpassion16 6

I just love it when potterheads/ starkids unite on fml! INDIAN BURRRNN!!

GrangerGal9089 6


You put a spell on me with that comeback

Geometric 18

Dem muggles.

perdix 29

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GrangerGal9089 6

Better break out your spectra specs, nargals are everywhere, watch out!

You can't be a true fan if you didn't remember nargles :O

MsMourningStar 22

Then you're not a true fan. How can you forget the Nargels? Luna was adorable when she talked about them!

perdix 29

#27, #28, if by "true fan," you mean someone who read every book many times and committed every detail to memory, then, no, I'm not one. I just read the books once each to experience the story, and moved on to other things.

MsMourningStar 22

Not only have a read every book multiple times but I've seen every movie multiple times (the last one was just awful), I've collected everything I can Harry Potter and fully intend to name my second daughter Luna Love Goodner after the one and only Luna Lovegood. So yes I am what I consider a true fan. But that is besides the point, they made a point to mention it more then once so it should've been something easily remembered.

Oh come on. I've read the books multiple times, too, and still didn't remember the nargles. Does that mean I'm not a "true fan" because I actually don't memorize everything? I love the books, but that's a little bit ridiculous...


59, it would have worked better had "mellow" and "better" rhymed... But I think that scabbers whiskers are a little brighter.

jmar411 12

#59 too bad Scabbers turned out to not really be a rat, maybe that spell would have worked lol

I haven't read the books...I've only seen the movies a few times...and I still get the reference.

#46 is ridiculous. That poor child.

MsMourningStar 22

Why thank you! And my child will be raised with Harry Potter, she will be read the books at bed time and watch all the movies. So she'll know how great Luna really is.

MsMourningStar 22

Thank you 109! That is awesome, funny thing is you're not the only one that thinks its awesome. People just get jealous because they don't have the guts. I've gotten all but one of my children's names out of books and that's because that name is a family name.

I agree with #121.

irishpassion16 6

Any true fan remembers nargles. THAT's a fact.

#11 just fuck off, you should know or you shouldnt be on here

sugarshane007 20

Some people just don't get any decent references these days. However, maybe you should let your filter work a bit, and think things out a bit better. Don't let this end things though, if another opportunity presents itself, then try again!

That would almost make me mad enough to use an unforgivable curse! ... Almost.