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By  _ali__cat_  |  14

Oh girl I feel your pain. I've been having ectopic pregnancy scares all month so every strong cramp is terrifying. You were being smart getting checked out don't feel bad. It's a very serious and life threatening thing.

By  Rabite  |  28

I feel you. I had a comparable problem once but without being pregnant. First you are relieved that everything is fine but then you start to feel so damn stupid. Especially when your doctor has this look on her/his face.

By  Marta Perlicka  |  13

Honestly I think you are very lucky to have never gone through ectopic pregnancy. Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky women who had to go through such loss. The physical pain is not as bad as the mental and pain of losing a baby. I wish you and your baby all the best.