By JWags - / Tuesday 4 December 2018 05:00 /
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By  LordMagus  |  8

Living proof that we need better sexual education in this country. The first sex ed class I can remember had pictures of both an uncircumcised, and a circumcised, penis. Not knowing where you are from or your cultural background, it seems more difficult to believe that you didn't know that before now. If you're from the US, most males here are circumcised. The rates are slowly decreasing, but still: "The overall circumcision rate among U.S. males age 14 to 59 is 81 percent." So, I suppose without the religious side explaining what circumcision was, and if you really had that bad of a sex ed teacher, yeah, I guess it's possible.

By  Agent JPN  |  8

30 years old and not knowing your circumcised???!!!??? Seriously, don't you ever change underwear or take a shower???

I think I am more worried about your serious lack of personal hygiene than anything else.

  weaboo  |  12

Yeah but seeing as OP has a girlfriend he probably doesn’t stare at dicks all day to know what to compare his to. I am Jewish so I know I am circumsized but I don’t know how a regular penis looks because I’m not gay

By  Nhayaa  |  13

Never understood why americans are so much into circumcision... In Europe most men are not circumcised and everything's fine, they don't get more deseases or anything. If you don't wash properly or don't care about what you do with your penis, it doesn't matter if you're circumcised or not...

By  simmpandher  |  22

I'm sorry, at 30 years old you didn't know you were circumcised?! How do you NOT know?! In a way, it's good that you are but the fact that you didn't know... I'm losing my head over it!!! See what I did there 😏

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