By theJoblessArchaeologist - Canada - Vancouver
Today, as within the last couple of years, my dream job is only accepting applications from students continuing their degree in the fall. Literally, people with half degrees can get what I can't get with a full degree and experience. FML
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By  Viewerv  |  2

Read between the lines OP! This might be your dream job but the company involved is clearly after cheap labour! Now they might be good and genuinely provide student employees with additional training and mentorship to justify paying them less. But more likely the students will work like full time employees but get paid "student wages". If you have graduated and are currently working, you are in a far better position. Even if you are not doing your dream job!

By  pirate prude  |  12

There is indeed more to this story. I'm also from BC and am familiar with this situation. The company receives funding through a grant. The position is only open to students of a certain age (under 30, I believe) who are returning to full-time post-secondary education in the fall. It can be frustrating to not be eligible for a dream position (I've been there too) but there is absolutely nothing fishy about it.