By jb100 / Friday 24 July 2015 20:08 / United States - Perryville
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  kbecks87  |  16

She could have actually bought (and gotten) a sandwich then left. Only to return later with the receipt and claimed to have never gotten the sandwich. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

  Hunkapoo  |  19

going along with #30, there also isn't any proof, of anything. your manager clearly has no common sense. this is why I believe "the customer is always right" protocol some bosses and managers go by is bull. It allows not all, but many crappy people to screw you over like this.

  Shade1982  |  18

Well, to be honest, there is no mention of any manager in the post. So it could be op decided to refund out of his/her pocket to avoid the hassle. It's possible the manager wasn't involved at all, before we go blaming anyone...

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