By almostmugged - United States
Today, as I was walking home, three burly men suddenly began to approach me. Thinking they were going to mug me, I reached for my pocketknife and said "Stay away, I have a knife." Turns out they just wanted directions to an ice cream shop for their daughters, who were now bawling their eyes out. FML
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  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

Many people use kids as distraction when begging or pickpocketing etc.
Some do when mugging too. The OP probably thought it was the case.

He still pulled out the knife far too early.

By  Scotticus117  |  11

why would they mug you when their daughters with them? and why do people assume the worst of other people. btw if someone's trying to mug you try running, it may just work out better, cuz when they pull out the bigger knife you're gonna be like oh fuck.

  teiso_fml  |  0

Really good point. Especially if there's two of them, you'd probably have better chance at survival by running from them than fighting them, anyway. And you don't make little girls cry if by chance you made the wrong assumption.

By  moonlight_daze  |  8

You totally fucking deserved it... That sounds like something that would happen to me. Fuck the three "burley men's" lives! They can't ask for directions without some priss thinking they're gonna mug her or some shit..