By RYZILLAHitZ - United States
Today, as I was walking home from work, my dad drove past, pulled over, rolled down the window and asked, "Are you tired of walking?" To which I replied "Yes!" Just as I reached for the car door, he yelled "RUN A WHILE" and sped off. FML
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  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

Your dad is very wise. Walking can get boring. If I could run everywhere I went and not look like a dumbass and/or get sweaty, the world would be a better place. :D Getcherself sum excorcise. >;D

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

They're they're, everythings gonna bee okay! just take a deep breath and relax. their only small mistakes, who cares about grammer now that theirs tv spelling doesn't matter. It's there choice and if their gonna do it, let em. :D

  kinder10_fml  |  0

well 41 since you are a douche bag grammar fuck it would actually be. "that's a fun dad you have there." but last time I checked this isn't English class so stfu

  JohannMedina  |  0

"Today, I just wrote an excessively long speech in FML about why it people should at least try to stop making grammatical errors on the site. Feeling proud of myself after finishing up, I realized I had accidentally pressed the "Cancel" button. FML."

  IndiRae  |  9

Don't be fat and you won't have to walk? what the fuck kind of logic is that?
I'm thin and walk? So is my neighbor, and people on the sidewalk, and every other 'not fat' person.
Where the hell do you live that all the thin people run to reach their destination?