By munnyfish - 07/11/2009 07:16 - Canada

Today, as I was waking up, I let out a huge morning fart. When I open my eyes, I realized that I was crashing at a friends place with four other people. Yep, they all heard. FML
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If you are a man then to be honest nobody would care.

your life is over. kill yourself for farting


troyboyd05 0

Oh noes people heard you fart, your life is over.

woulda been worse if you were a chick

maddy23a 5

heck yah

If you are a man then to be honest nobody would care.

This. Be proud of it.

he is a man he must be gay if he cares about it

varkey 7

#2: I definitely would care if my "friend" did this while I was around. What, do you enjoy it when people fart near you? i don't get all these comments - I am a guy but that doesn't make it okay to act like a total animal, that's disgusting @ #4... why does being male mean you must act like a freak?

amd3lky 0

who says we are actin like freaks sheesh grow up we are guys we do what we do

wow 63 stop being a pussy and grow a set...

62 youre fucking stupid. homophobics.. gross..

your life is over. kill yourself for farting

Big deal - now if you were a girl, that might be a different story, but it is something that is kinda expected of a guy, nothing new or strange. Get over it!

Why would it be a different story if he was a girl? I'm tired of all these double standards. Girls fart as much as guys, grow up people!

FMLshark 12

Not so much "double standards" as much as it is us girls being more easily embarrassed by these things than guys.

True words right there #2. OP needs to man up!

Stop being an insult to us Canadians by whining about such a trivial moment.

mohamedrocks 0

You deserve it for Waking up in the morning

hahaha hilarious I'd do this too but pray they're asleep cuz it hurts to hold them in lol

slaggerr 0

Your a dude, so shut the hell up fart again and go on with your life.

Big_Nick 0

please man I trick my girlfriend into using my ass as a pillow then fart on her face man up.... fail!!!

drbombay 0

thats not very nice

That's how you get pink eye...