By AmeGermaine - / Thursday 28 February 2019 10:00 / United States - Toledo
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By  Amy Germaine  |  5

Stella-cat, you’re FML-famous now! Thanks for the shared concerns! “2’x4’ puddle” does make it sound like she is an over-fed, sickly cat. Instead, she’s a 7lb, tiny thing (compared to her 18lb brother O_o) who eats 1/2 a cup of dry food at a time. So, it wasn’t a wet puddle. More a wide spray of slightly wet, unchewed chunks. She gorges. I have talked to the vet and they think it’s just because she was a rescued stray who spent the first year of her life eating whatever she could get. Feeding this cat has gotten ridiculous, guys! Each feeding, I spread tiny pockets of food into an old ice-cube tray, and have taken to putting small amounts into different dishes throughout the room since the incident, and that seems to help. She hasn’t had an incident since. She doesn’t usually bother the other cat’s dish, but he eats out of a bowl with golf balls in it, just in case she tries to sneak some of his. But enough cat-puke-drama. Stella is golden, healthy and feisty as ever!

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