By Rebecca - 16/01/2012 00:36 - Canada

Today, as I was pulling into my driveway, I hit my fence. The same fence that I had repaired last week because I had run into it. FML
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what time is it..? time to get a new fence. sorry, i just had to.

Something tells me this will happen again..


what time is it..? time to get a new fence. sorry, i just had to.

Unless the fence is protecting something important, consider moving it?

Well you know what they say about mistakes? Never hit a repaired fence more than once while driving. That's what my grandma always told me... Then again, she never really told me things that made much sense. Like, that a good women is like a deep fried chimpanzee.... Well, hmm...

I keep trying to picture how this would happen...and all that happens is *mindfuck*

Who taught you to drive, Stevie Wonder?

Dude just dont have a fence nomore

time to renew your drivers license?

Park your fence elsewhere!!!

you guys, no where in this FML does OP mention driving a car. I mean, weird

51- No, you're right. I'm sure it was his pet camel that he was riding when these accidents occurred.

Op is a girl And I bet she was riding her menstrual cycle No...? Ok I will go hide with Dr Zoidberg.

haha 53 I like you. I still think she ran into fence by foot though

It's possible but I don't really see how a human of a normal mass (unless they were running very quickly) could run into a fence knocking it down on foot? But, hey I've never ran into a fence - could have happened lol

give it a try and Youtube it haha

Ermmm no, as someone who's spent a lot of time in ER's - no thanks!

lol for running into fences?

Not specifically, but seeing what sort of idiotic thing people do... items up their bums, items stuffed up their urethras, taunting wild/dangerous animals, and drunk/high people... I can't even get into right now!

What time is it..? TEE SHIRT TIME!

It's peanut butter jelly time!

You clearly have no judgement and need to get some driving lessons! or your licence revoked!

Sounds like you need to get some glasses to me.

And also some blankets ;3 I'm cold, sorry... But seriously, how short is the fence? ;S

And driving lessons. Or just remove the fence if it is such a hassle.

Or get someone to provoke his license. Others security are at stake.

"Girls building fences and driving" well there's your problem

Female drivers. Lol

You really shouldn't have put "woman" at the bottom of the FML...

That fence needs to learn to drive

Then the fence can run over OP. The sweet taste of revenge. If only fences had taste buds.

Timr to get driving lessons!!!

What scares me is she's currently on the road. Wonder how many other poor innocent fences she's killed?

"Timr" to get spelling lessons! (#7)

I know I'm playing with fire here by disagreeing with Chuck Norris, but "e" is right next to "r"... Simple mistake! Please don't punch me with that iron fist under your beard. :(

Something tells me this will happen again..

At least he doesn't need to go buy new nails

Jeez, that fence needs to quit getting in your way, it seems to be causing you a lot of problems :P

"That fence came out of nowhere officer I don't even know how I hit it."

"right. Just like the tree the jumped out in front of you."

The tree *that* Damn autocorrect.. T_T