By Clunker - 24/10/2009 05:07 - United States

Today, as I was driving with my boyfriend, he pointed out what a crappy car I drive. About how the locks don't work, the vents are broken, the windshield wipers are busted, my headlights aren't bright, and a hubcap is missing. Then he said I’m a good match for my car, 'cos we have the same “personality". FML
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and your sleeping with that!

Kind of an asshole statement there. was he joking or being serious. It's all about context!


proflover 0

what an asshole, that doesnt even make sense o_o

what really doesn't make sense is that she addresses this guy with the titel 'boyfriend' Anyways, to West Coast Customs with you, sweetie xD

it makes sense - doesn't mean its true or he should say it. you should just tell him how you feel about his statement... to all the stuck up pricks who are going to come in and say "break up with him..." its not something you break up over, so grow up.

the_stereotype 0

uh no. break up with him now. your boyfriend is a douchebag. you don't just let assholes like that walk all over you. i think it's #12 that needs to grow up and grow some.

fmlfmlfml15 0

push him out and run him every time

context context context. we don't know the context or intent. you are so quick to make assumptions.

He could be talking about its reliability and comfortable... Just because someone says something idiotic doesn't mean it was said with bad intent.

and your sleeping with that!

Your name goes so well with this comment. :'D

BikerMike 0

what a dickhead

Kind of an asshole statement there. was he joking or being serious. It's all about context!

this just upsets me. where did the funny FMLs gone.

All the makings of a country song! Your BF is both a comedian and a songwriter. But the truth hurts, doesn't it? /hug Want a cookie?

what a dick. has he been drinking? that's not an excuse though.

Lol, it doesn't even really make sense to me. Well that proves he's male.

Hey now, that hurts. Might be true, but still... Let me try to use my male to female translation dictionary. It is a little old so bear with me. She doesn't work, she is broke, she is busted up, she isn't very bright, and her wheels are missing? I think I got it!


Yes because that's so sexist for me to say that men are pigs considering I am a guy. Real love doesn't revolve around sex, but in a guys mind it does. Once the sex is over it ends the relationship. Some boys actually transform into men though. Take care of their family.

Yeah I was obviously 100% serious. And what you just explained had nothing to do with your first comment...

YDI for having a crappy boyfriend

your boyfriend sounds like a nice guy, men want personality and he tells you have personality, so what's your problem.