By hopeless cluts - Canada
Today, as I was crossing the slush covered street to catch the bus, I slipped and fell right in the middle of the road. A woman in a car rolled down her window. She didn't ask if I was okay but just laughed and took a picture of me covered in cold, wet slush. FML
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  iMuffinKat  |  16

If she showed the picture to her friends or family or something to make fun of OP, they'd probably think the lady is a dick, anyway. Karma. What did the lady plan on doing with the picture anyway?

  NuTrees  |  9

It's ok OP brush the slush off your shoulders and go back to bed. Karma came for her. I heard the guy she is in love with and slept with was in love with another girl. She had to comfort him as he cried..

  iSeeSarcasm  |  3

Yep, no one cares anymore. It's all about me myself and I. What good for me. Not even a thought goes through their head of how they might affect someone else. It takes more than one person to be kind. It's called the kindness boomerang. One person being nice to another influences them to be nice to the next person who they come in contact with. In this situation, it's the asshole boomerang.

  Spazz420  |  7

my friend had a hit n run the guy left and my friends car was all smashed up in the middle of the road. No one stopped to see if he was okay nobody even stopped to let him get his car off the road they just drove around him

  perdix  |  29

Look up "Spelling Bee Boners" on YouTube. Make sure you explain you mean the old-fashioned meaning of boner as silly mistake.

Without that, you can get redirected to odd fetish videos on YouPorn.