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  sweetbliss3  |  37

no joke. one time there was a spider in my bed. and then I lost it somewhere under my bed. I didn't sleep in my room for a month. only thing I went in my room for was clothes that I shook out and checked before wearing.

  pharaohasphuck  |  10

While I was taking a shower, a devilish spider had appeared next to my feet. I didn't have my glasses on and all I saw was a black dot on the floor. I got my glasses and saw it was was a spider. I haven't been in that bathroom for 5 months until my dad got mad at me for being a pussy :/

By  MedChew  |  19

Don't sweat it, I wouldn't go near a huge spider without at least being decked in full body armor with something big to smite it in hand.
These things are hellspawns, man.

  pokemyeyes  |  23

What if it managed to run up your armour and fall into a small crevice lost somewhere within you trapped between your clothes and body and you cant do anything about it because the full body armour takes like 5 hours to get in and out of? Easier and safer to just burn the house down.

By  cristy91  |  33

Aww, I would have taken the spider for you, OP! If it helps anything, nearly all spiders you find spidering about are totally harmless. If your fear isn't too extreme, try researching and learning about them, it should give you more confidence and let you appreciate a whole new form of life! If you want to start off with cute spiders, search up peacock spiders (like the sparklemuffin).Good luck :)