By williebees - 28/11/2012 17:43 - United States - Huntsville

Today, as I was about to walk across the street, a girl in front of me who clearly wasn't paying attention to the traffic, almost got run over. I grabbed her arm and jumped back. She was fine. I fell and fractured my arm and wrist. FML
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But you saved a life in the process, so it's worth it

t least you prevented an accident.


t least you prevented an accident.

You are a hero! You saved her life. This is not an FML in my opinion. A broken arm instead of lost life is worth it any day. Good job OP!

I hope he got her number

Bitch owes you a sandwich

EnigmaThe321 12

91- why would #1 get OP's number?

perdix 29

#1, true, but he caused another.

I think that the girl should have at least given him a titty sniff...

But you saved a life in the process, so it's worth it

That depends if she's pretty or not

72 that does not mean anything. He saved her. Good job op

72 - So if you had the time to think about it, you'd decide whether to save a life or not, based on their looks? That is absolutely appalling.

blutopaz 5

I'm pretty sure 72 was joking. Stop being so mean.

No, he wasn't joking. Jokes are funny.

Good guy Greg

ShadowlessSpear 21

Funny is subjective.

pedosmurf 7

Good you saved one good job but how do you sprain your wrist from falling?

BunchieRules 31

Most people instinctively try to break a fall with their hands, and they sometimes become twisted in the process.

IAmNotAnAnimal 9

How do you sprain an ankle while running?

maytheforce_ 0

I've sprained my wrist a bunch of times while falling, my wrist usually caught my fall.. It's not like its impossible to sprain it by falling.

How could you possibly have misread "fractured" as "sprained"?

Sprained is different than fractured. Fractured is a lot worse. So you're letting 3 off easy.

pedosmurf 7

Wow I fucked up big time :/ sorry

55- It was a minor mistake, replace sprain with fracture and the points made in this thread were still the same. You were still wrong about it being impossible or hard to fracture a wrist from a fall.

Actually you're wrong. Once a fracture is healed, the bone is stronger. Sprain leaves it weakened forever. Pre-Med for the win.

That explains why my left ankle is always getting sprained or twisted over and over and over again :/

Karma whore?

another crappy comment?

unknown_user5566 26

18- I don't see you writing any great comments, either.

19- stop getting on to people. Let the thumbs determine what's what, that's what they're for.

unknown_user5566 26

33- Interesting advice, considering you are "getting on to" me. I've just seen people giving Harpy a hard time on every comment she posts over the last few days, and it's getting a little annoying. If you're going to give someone shit for a "bad" comment, at least be a person who makes good comments to back up your judgement.

Ok, ok, guys. I can see where this is going. It'll be a vicious cycle of putting each other down for what the last person said to the person before... All we'll end up with left is a mass grave of buried comments. Peace.

I actually do enjoy harpy's comments...

unknown_user5566 26

Gawd, Pleonasm. Why you gotta be all reasonable and shizz? You're probably right though. May as well quit while we're ahead.

58-I'm more like a Karma Pimp. Giving bitches what they deserve since 1990.

Kylee, I was merely giving her a dose of her own, as a gentle reminder of her own approach to commenting on comments. No bad blood here. Gotta love the irony though, that she's bringing up karma...

43) You did a lovely job of proving 39's point. A simple "You're right, I'm sorry" without all the commentary beforehand would've been an adequate response... But whatever. Don't listen to me; I am being hypocritical by typing up this comment in the first place.

Shadowvoid 33

That's rather humorous (bone in your arm) how the universe works. You will get your reward soon enough. The girl will also get what is coming for her, she better hope it isn't another car.

That pun would have worked well had you spelt "humerus" correctly.

unknown_user5566 26

They also generally work best if you don't have to explain why it's a pun in the middle of your sentence.

BunchieRules 31

This is going tibia horrible pun thread.

Don't be so sternum 22! Nah, I'm just ribbing you, carry on.

Ulna-ver get how people can be so bad at these FML comment puns. You just have bone up a little on the topic and not try to be so slyloid in your process. I guess maybe they're not for everyone? Some people should just fast fractures and give it a break. ...Phalangesus, that last one was a bit forced.

Shadowvoid 33

Shit balls doc, i did spell it right... My accursed phone has failed me with its autocorrect and crazy gadgets

Don't de-capitate me here...I'm just acting like a hamate. You may think I'm a lunate-ic, but I'm surprised at the wrist puns.

BunchieRules 31

Thanks for supporting me, 24. OP, I applaud you for having a spine and saving a life. That's the mark of a real man-dible. What an insulin-t girl, running out in the medulla of the street! How could she be so marrow-minded?

Hold on a sec guys, if these puns are going beyond bones here, then things are gonna get out of hand. I don't think I'll be able to stomach the puns, so before you guys go all nucleus warfare, I'll head off before you've all wrecked-um!

Shadowvoid 33

I can't fit the word trequitrum into a pun... I quit

The girl doesn't deserve anything. She didn't break OPs arm.

kleider1 9

She better have thanked you. Hope you get better. Don't stop trying to do the right thing.

sugarshane007 20

No good deed goes unpunished, or uninjured in your case.

Holyshihtzus 7

It's just another good Samaritan getting the raw end of the deal. -_-

why are good deeds punished. thats the most retarded saying ever

mvc3ftw 17

Because a bitch.

Maybe karma wanted to kill her, but since you saved her karma got back at you.

Bea_FaCurtains 17

The road to hell was paved with nice guys trying to save others from getting run over.

cyborger 1

The problem with this kind of thinking is that a force that can do anything should not be able to be "cheated" yet somehow when it gets revenge it's all of a sudden unstoppable. Please give logical thinking a try.

This will be a great story to tell your kids in 15 years. "Sit down and let me tell you how I met your mother..."

unknown_user5566 26

That actually would be a super cute story. Much better than "we met in a bar", or something. OP's kids could grow up thinking that their parent is a superhero who saves people's lives. :)

honeybadgerr 9

The question is whether he could trust having kids with someone like that. If she can't even pay attention to her surroundings... I would be deathly afraid for her children

memebaz700 5

I knew someone was going to say that lol :D

That's exactly what I was thinking Doc. If not that it could result in a very fulfilling evening of thankfulness from the woman.

Everyone makes mistakes, 50. Sure, she was being careless, but you can't judge her entire personality and character off 20 seconds of her life. Maybe she is completely careless all the time, but you never know.

You wrist your life for her, and I gotta hand it to you, you're head and shoulders above the rest of the people who wouldn't think twice to stand in arm's way for another person.

Spoken like a true humor-wrist.