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Today, as I walked out of the local store, I noticed a young girl was sitting on the curb, crying. I nudged her with the Snickers bar I had bought earlier, thinking she needed it more than me. After looking at it, she yelled, "PEDOPHILE!", punched me in the balls, and then ran away screaming. FML
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  poopsi  |  19

Hate to say it, but "kids these days" have somewhat of a right to feel scared. The world is screwed up, and although she could have handled that better, better safe than sorry. :/ All you ever hear about is pedophiles, kidnappers and murderers..

  Quizzical  |  8

19, 23 - He should have known better, but the only reason "all you hear about" is the pedophiles and the like is because they're the minority. It's not so rare for people to be well-intentioned, it's just that news doesn't flourish on stories of yet another nice, common person.

  kman8599  |  8

#19 you are right in that all we hear about are kidnappings, murders and rapes but that's because of the media. Statistically there are fewer now than there were fifty years ago.

  Sandman366  |  6

Yup. Maybe OP's plan of comforting could work by tossing the Snickers towards her and walking away like you couldn't care less what she did with it. (Hopefully...)

  EvilUndead  |  9

19, you should stop watching tv. The world isn't a paradise (in fact, it is a pretty crappy place to live in), but it isn't as bad as "popular" news sources would make you think about it.

  fml121785  |  14

Well, it could be OP fault. How do we know for sure that he took the Snickers out of his pocket? If he didn't, and nudged her with it while it was in pocket, all while pointing and winking at his pocket present, than I could see how he just may be mistaken for a PEDO. :/

  Redoxx_fml  |  22

"Here eat a snickers."
"Because you act like a little kid when you're hungry. Better?"
*balls punch* "Pedophile!"

  MuseFan1991  |  14

if some stranger offered me a snickers bar in the middle of the street by nudging me and not saying anything, i'd find it weird as well. a simple 'are you all right?' would have been much less creepy


Well at least her parents taught her well. We now know that little girl can't be lured away with candy bars as do some children nowadays. Sorry OP I do feel bad for you. Hope your snickers bar feels better soon. :)

  zandalee  |  19

Bullshit! If we all believed that we would all be total assholes to each other!
Not true! I see people doing good deeds for each other all of the time.
What comes around goes around.