By Anonymous - United States
Today, as I spent my last $6 on groceries, the woman at the register gave me a dirty look because I declined to donate $1 to a children's charity. My six year old son immediately chimed in with, "Mommy, why aren't you helping the poor children?" FML
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  livgasms  |  4

the government is there to serve the people, and so if there are people who can't find a job and have no money then the government should support them. you're not gonna turn into communists by helping those in need.

  Lichinamo  |  33

^You, my not friend, are obviously a democrat. Let me chime in with a Republican's opinion.

If you were rich and went poor, well then your fault, you deserved it for wasting all your cash on pointless shit.

  browntiga  |  0

I know that just bs. if the grocery store wanted they could donate some of their own money instead of asking for people to pay extra. besides she is a charity case.

  sulitak  |  27

I agree. I've had moments where I was scraping together change at home to be able to get food.
I donate time and money when I have it. I hate the guilt trippy people

  White_Fury  |  0

I agree with you 100% chaos. I don't even give to charities ever when I check out anymore because of the Susan B Komen foundation and their tricky money stealing ways. lol

By  Mirorbo  |  26

I hate the guilt they throw at you about those things. If I want to donate to a cause, I'll do it directly. Not through some donation jar that could very well be swiped.

Fuhohohoho...look at me...a common thief talking about these things. I'm so tired...

  Mirorbo  |  26

Fuhohoho...very well then, darling, very well... It's not a good idea to be up oh-so late anyways. It throws off my groove!~ Nighty night!~

  naximus93  |  0

Ehh, I'd say that next time the OP gets an extra dollar or two, that she should either save it, or give her son a nice treat. Perhaps a soft serve off the dollar menu?