By Anonymous - 21/10/2015 12:12 - Philippines - Quezon City

Today, as I snuck downstairs for a midnight movie, I witnessed my dad "polishing his wand" to Harry Potter porn in the living room. FML
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That's a huge Dumbledon't

"Polishing his wand" *gag* Graphic choice of words there op


That's a huge Dumbledon't

Isn't that just magical.

JMichael 25

never laughed so hard. thank you

He ron away from the scene.

not unless his dad was very harry

I don't know why the dad didn't expect it. The porn star was do loud, you could hear Hermione from the stairs.

oh dear Merlin


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Hey #18 it's legit. He could've used a memory charm like obliviate to erase the memory of seeing it.

That sorta sounded like #3 meant seduction....

tantanpanda 26

#27, if that were the case, this fml wouldn't exist.

I know #27. It's called a sense of humor, not point out the obviousness of something that doesn't even exist in the first place. I thought the fml community was supposed to understand jokes.

Wizardo 33

Cockus Engorgio.

drunkmunkey 24

that's only before sex, afterwards if they don't want another kid It's fetus deletus

wingardium leviosa

*wangardium leviosa

That's a thing?

It's the internet there is something for everyone. No matter how obscure. Rule 34.

Rule 34. If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions.

So you're saying that if I look hard enough, I can find rug porn?

Yes you can #20 Rule 34's only exception is for things that are new to the internet (ie less than 12 hours old)

You probably can find rug porn, you just need to put your mind to it

Also, Rule 35: If there's no porn of it, it WILL be made.

So if it applies to everything that exists, does that mean there's porn of porn?

porn about porn is called porn

Kyle1dc 17

... pornception.

This was a thread made in heaven

Of course! erm, I mean... Probably, yeah.

"Polishing his wand" *gag* Graphic choice of words there op

AnOriginalName 19

"Gag." great choice of words there.

He may have been enchanting!

If you can get past the awkwardness, I feel like there is a lifetime of jokes to be made here.

If I were OP I would spend a lifetime trying to not ever bring this up, ever again.

ScottVining 21

Hopefully you had your cloak of invisibility on because that would be an awkward encounter.

Sounds like a Harry situation

That Pun was unnecessary.

drunkmunkey 24

I'm stupefied you didn't like it