By jen - 14/03/2013 10:52 - United States

Today, as I exited McDonald's after a quick lunch, a man in a jogging outfit ran past, snatching my handbag right off my shoulder as he tore past. He must have been at least 50. I broke down utterly exhausted before I could chase him even a single block. I'm 24. FML
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I'm sure plenty of jerks will blame it on the fact that you eat at McDonalds and assume you're fat or lazy, but no matter how fit you are, someone will always be fitter. I'm sorry OP; that truly sucks. I have a cross-shoulder purse because it makes it so much harder for run-by muggers.

Regardless of your age or fitness level, being robbed always sucks. Sorry it happened to you, Op. :p


I'm sure plenty of jerks will blame it on the fact that you eat at McDonalds and assume you're fat or lazy, but no matter how fit you are, someone will always be fitter. I'm sorry OP; that truly sucks. I have a cross-shoulder purse because it makes it so much harder for run-by muggers.

Someone is always fitter? It's not that he got away, it's that she couldn't even make it one block!

And? I can walk from dawn till dusk without getting tired (and have on occasion), but can't run more than a minute. I can carry a hundred pounds, but couldn't bench press that same weight more than twice. There's different types of "fit". Also, I don't know about you, but it's always a great deal harder for me to run after eating anything, which OP had just done.

I know there are different kinds of fit, but "can't run more than 15 seconds" is not a type. Even you yourself claim to be able to run 4 times that long.

It's harder to run after eating anything because your body is digesting the food. That uses energy, which one could be safe to assume is part of the reason OP didn't make it very far.

There area my reasons someone may not be able for more then a block that have nothing to do with fitness. Ever try running in heels? I can't run more then a block but I can swim for long distances. The high impact of running is painful, and the pain winds me quickly. Fun of autoimmune illness that causes pain. Before that, I could run further distances unless if I had just eaten.

24 - No, I myself did not claim to be able to run four times that long. A full on run for a minute would get you (perhaps) a third of a block in my area. Also, I used to work in a factory. Many of the employees spent their entire days lifting fifty pound sheets of steel, punching them in the press, and laying them back down - eight hours a day, five days a week. They had virtually no body fat. I doubt anyone would ever claim they weren't fit. Yet, come time for the company picnic, when we had the races...I swear to god, watching them /try/ to run was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Not one of them could run more than a few feet. If your body isn't accustomed to that type of activity, you can't usually do it at a moment's notice.

What?? A block should take 20 seconds to run. I can WALK one in less than a minute!

I'm with you penguin guy ... Take it as an expensive lesson my dear OP and start working out if you cannot run or keep you wind and heart rate up at least 5 minutes you are not fit or in shape... Though yes round and pear are shapes. Fitness is not measured by strength it is measured by overall health and ability to aerobically function... OP is 24 should have been able to run at least a few blocks unless she is sedentary and not in any kind of fit condition ;) that's said ... YDI but you can always work on this and fix the issues just takes effort.

I just did some math. The blocks in Evilplatypus's neighborhood are about 600 meters long. In my city they're 100 meters long. I guess this is the problem? Where the heck do you live??

I feel you OP.... when my dad dances... I can't keep up with him... He's 45 and I'm 15! :(

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Ok, people. Please. Stop arguing about "what is fit and what isn't" it doesn't change the fact the OP was mugged. Let's say OP could run more than a block. Let's say, hypothetically, OP was fast enough to catch up to the man. What would you suggest then? OP take on a full grown man by herself with her bare hands? Before I make this into a "Man are stronger than women" or "Women are stronger than men" argument. Think about it. OP didn't have the strength to catch up to the man. It's safe to assume she wouldn't have the strength to overpower him either. At 50, your body does appear older, and you do begin to grow white hair, but you aren't completely powerless or fragile.

Not to mention, for safety reasons it is recommended that you don't fight back in a mugging. Regardless of age, he could have been carrying a weapon. A purse isn't worth it, even if you can catch up to your mugger.

@39 Yeah, fun shit my doctor told me about a year ago I have fibromyalgia it irritates the **** out of me when things I used to do without issue are harder/painful thankfully I have a pretty decent pain tolerance

We're jerks for saying she deserved it for being a fatass? Because she totally did. Clearly, she's not fit at all if she breaks down from exhaustion after one block. Is this the new America, where people defend obesity and comfort the whiners instead of motivating them for better lives? OP, lose some weight and get a cross body bag and it won't happen next time.

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I think you need to work out a little, OP.

Having your handbag stolen sucks but then again so does your diet apparently. Fyl and ydi on this one!

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I think more than half of the commenters are in the same predicament as OP. People just aren't in shape period regardless of weight.

AFloppyWetWhale 6

I'm with you, my lacrosse season started last Monday and I still have sore legs, but I'm in shape on my torso. Op could be in good shape, just not be a good runner like me.

I agree you can be in shape but not have endurance. Working out and having a six pack and nice biceps still won't help you run without getting winded if you're a smoker, have bad lungs, are not conditioned for running etc.

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sorry but smoking does not always mean you can't run. i have smoked for 15 years but can still out run kids half my age

I wasn't talking about one specific, unique case where smoking doesn't affect running. I was referencing the widely known and proven negative effects that smoking tends to have on a person's ability to run for an extended period.

shitty buzz, now ya have a reason to hit the gym

Over the river and threw the woods to the gym we go.

Why'd you throw the woods?

He was angry because he got robbed outside a McDonalds

I threw the woods because I'm angry my grammar is so worse

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Looks like you need to change your thinking about diet, exercise, security and your attitudes about older people. Don't eat at McDonald's, be fit enough to give chase for at least a few hundred yards, guard your bag when you're in a sketchy area and don't underestimate the physical abilities of older men. Once their kids grow up, they may get in as good or better shape than they were in during their 30's or 40's. You've got a lot of changes to make, get after it!

Trix_Disorder 20

Considering how much time you spend on FML, Perdix, you may want to take some of your own advice. ;) (I'm messin')

Saying not to eat at McDonalds is a pretty ignorant statement. Fast food is cheaper than healthy food, and you have no idea what this person's income is. It's possible that area and income makes McDonalds the only choice, or at least one of many unhealthy choices.

Fast food is NOT cheaper then 'healthy' food if you go to a supermarket and buy fruits and veggies and healthy things that is ALOT cheaper then fast food, it is better for you and it is more filling. So no don't use "it's cheaper" as an excuse to eat shit. If you want to eat shit then eat it I won't say anything against you but don't use the it's cheaper excuse because wit is NOT.

How is fast food cheaper? Idk how often you go to the supermarket but you can get raw ingredients cheap, and you know, cook. Even better if you swallow your pride and go to a discount food store( Unless you only buy organic, which I understand...but it's expensive) Also if she is going out to eat her income can't be that bad. People hurting for money bring lunch to work or eat at home, or even skip lunch. Trust me I've managed to have a couple days of lunch from fruit tree's around my school/ town. I wasn't hurting for money or anything, just don't want to watch fruit fall to the ground and rot :P And thus concludes my rant.

I blame it all on you Americans being fat *****, but hey someone needs to feed the robbing business.

It's the lunch that you just had that kept you from running further.

I am assuming sarcasm... It's the last 100 Mickey ds meals that did it ;)

BellaBelle_fml 23

I took their comment to mean that after anyone has eaten, regardless of their fitness level, they have a much harder time running or exercising. Your body is expending energy to digest your meal and that can make you slower, weaker, and overall more tired.

Yeah, I actually meant that. It's extremely difficult to run with a full stomach.

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The fact you were leaving McD's means you have at the least an unhealthy diet and don't exercise much at all. Time to hit the gym...... A lot.

Because remember folks- everyone who eats at McDonald's is a fat, lazy bastard!

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the fact that they ate mcdonalds doesnt mean any of that, the fact they stopped at a block does, but you shouldnt assume people that eat mcdonalds are unhealthy and dont exercise

BellaBelle_fml 23

Not everyone who eats at McDonald's is a fat, lazy, and unhealthy person. I maintain a rather healthy diet due to my Crohn's disease, I avoid gluten and sugars, and only drink water and coffee, occasionally. That diet can get a little boring sometimes. So it's always nice to splurge once in a while with a disgustingly unhealthy meal because, well, it tastes good!

peachesncreem 21

7 - how far/fast can you run after a meal? I run everyday but probably wouldn't get very far if I attempted it after eating.

ever heard of the Rock? Every 150 days he eats 4 pizzas 21 brownies and 18 pancakes...if you don't know who he is look him up cos he definitely isn't fat. Having a treat once in a while is fine

The best FMLs have foreshadowing.

Regardless of your age or fitness level, being robbed always sucks. Sorry it happened to you, Op. :p

That is pretty shitty. I've never really understood how someone can grab your purse off your arm. However, I am extremely paranoid of it happening, or of someone in a crowded area reaching into my purse and taking something, so I always clutch onto it for dear life and hug it close to my body when I'm out. I always have my diabetic supplies and I'd be ****** if someone got that. :(