By Ithoughtheywerenormalpeople - 11/08/2014 05:11 - United States - Houston

Today, as I awoke, the sun was shining, the birds were tweeting, and police sirens were wailing at a drug bust next door. FML
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Time to go back to bed.

ktiskool 18

I bet they had a worse morning...


Time to go back to bed.

With sugar plums dacing in his head.

It's always time to go back to bed.

Time to get a new dealer.

Damn. Consider getting new neighbours.

This happened to me at 5am a few weeks ago, except my neighbour was a wanted murderer

I don't think you can just press a button and get new neighbors...

OP doesn't need new neighbors because the bad ones just got arrested.

That's right. It takes two buttons. Well, one of them twice. 911.

Because you can just get new neighbors

Sure, haven't you heard of the new store called Neighbors 'R' Us? You just walk in, fill out some paper work (absolving the store of any liability regarding the disposal of the old neighbors) and pay for a new set of neighbors..

Time to switch neighborhoods.

zanoty 17

If only that was an option

In my town it doesn't matter what neighbourhood you live in, they are all potential grow-op territories. There are probably three where I live and it's certainly not a scummy area!

How the fuck do you just switch neighbors?

All the ingredients for a peaceful morning...

Except for the drug bust. OP's dealer is now gone...

Read OP's username.

ktiskool 18

I bet they had a worse morning...

"I got busted for dealing drugs. I also woke up my neighbor while getting slammed into the ground and then into a cop car. F his life."

tony1891 22

at least the sun was shining. Good Morning

The sun shines every morning.

tony1891 22

yeah maybe in your fantasy world.

#14 Ever heard of something called clouds?

#22 - the sun does shine every morning. You can't see it if there is a big-ass rain cloud in front of it but it still shines regardless.

Its unlikely the clouds will 100% cover the sun for 12 hours

#38, come to Colorado. There are time when it's dark and cloudy the entire day.

Are we really arguing about whether or not the sun is shining if it's behind a cloud? Perhaps our next topic of discussion should be if a tree makes a sound if it falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it.

Or if earth really is a square plate, and if the moon actually shines when it's not dark. If we absolutely had to, we could also debate if the plate really ran off with the spoon and the cow jumped over the moon.

or whether the chicken or the egg came first?

Wake up mutha fuckaasssssss

At least it wasn't your house.

"and police sirens were wailing outside my door" it can always be worse

The only good sirens are ice cream sirens.

Hey! At least you woke up today! That's a good thing! :)

The way you wrote this FML is awesome. FYL OP and I'm sorry but how you worded it is funny as fuck LOL

The FML was nice, you had to say it twice.