By Anonymous - 24/12/2012 18:02 - United Kingdom - Saint Neots
  Today, as her parents were supposed to be out of town, I stayed over with my girlfriend, and we ended up in bed together. Later on, while poking through the fridge, I heard footsteps, so I said, "Didn't think you'd be walking after that." I closed the fridge and saw her dad. FML
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  sens3sfailing  |  24

I am very liberal minded. I may only be 19 but I know it I came home early to find a boy in my house, and have him say something like that, I would just look at him and give him one piece of advice. "run". you don't need to be a republican to want to protect your little girl.

By  FemskyD  |  26

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  GhostChickens  |  17

I assumed she was trying to make us pronounce it differently in our heads to exaggerate it a bit. Sort of like, "that's HIGH-larious."

If it's a mistake though, ah well. Mistakes happen.

  finiclepie  |  6

I'm new to FML and I don't understand why comments like that get disliked it was obviously meant to be spelled like that I've never seen so Mitch hate for the freedom of speech on any other app can you please explain why

  lpro  |  10

I believe they meant to not have sex in their parents home because the children don't have ownership so they shouldn't be doing disrespectful things like that to their parents. Don't have sex anywhere unless you own the place.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Serious question: What about me? I don't really like doing it in the family home but I've been with my boyfriend 3.5 years, very serious, talked about marriage and all that but only haven't because we know we won't be able to afford to move out of our parent's places for at least another 4 years.Should I just be celibate till then?

  doodlecloud  |  26

...I DO want to get married, we're just trying to be realistic and sensible finance-wise...that said, I don't really see why that matters as nowadays there are a lot of people in happy, long-term relationships who don't want to get married because they just don't see the need. :/

  TheDrifter  |  23

4 more years? Certainly you could strange something before then, it sounds like you're both headed to college, so a part time job to get a tiny apartment might just be the freedom you need.

  caysters  |  12

Who cares if they have sex in their parents house. What matters is if the parents are okay with it. If you have been with your partner for almost 4 years, and your parents don't mind they stay, then fine, whatever. But if your parents do not like it, then respect that.
My boyfriends mom let me stay over before we moved in together. She said we were adults, that we didn't need to be told what to do. My mom, however, did not allow my boyfriend to stay over. So he didn't stay over. All depends on the parent.