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Today, as always, I'm so flat-chested and childlike in appearance that my boyfriend successfully passed me off as his little sister to save money at a restaurant. FML
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I wonder if he'll ever propose to you after doing that. The staff would be so confused.

lexiieeex3 32

I feel ya, people think my 12-year-old sister and I are twins when we go out in public together. I'm 20.


lexiieeex3 32

I feel ya, people think my 12-year-old sister and I are twins when we go out in public together. I'm 20.

Hey, imagine how young you'll look when you're 50!

Think of it like this OP. If you have smaller boobs, then your boyfriend is close to your heart everytime he hugs you.

When you're 30 and look 20 it's fantastic. When you're 20 and look 10 it's not so great. Sadly looking 10 when you're 20 doesn't mean you'll look 20 when you're 30. World is such a cruel place. :(

I'm often mistaken as at least 13 and can pass off as 12 to save money at numerous places. I'm 17 going on 18 and I'll be graduating this summer. I get the gene from my dad who is 43 and looks 25. People think he's my mom's son. And when it's just me and him they think we're married. It's so awkward.

According to her comment, she will appear 42 years old.

Really? You don't look 12 at all!

Well, think of it this way: it's better than people thinking you're older. When I'm with my sister (who's 8 years older than me) they always think I'm the older one. I passed for her roommate in college once when I was 13.

Wait but if you look 13 why do they think you're married to someone who looks 25?

lexiieeex3 32

91- you're in the same position as my sister then lol

You don't look 12 you look about 22..

I wonder if he'll ever propose to you after doing that. The staff would be so confused.

I wonder what they do when they see you guys kiss

If he can afford a ring, would he still ask for the discount?

they'll incest they don't.... I tried... I'll see myself out.

Yeah xD but don't feel down op, alot of guys prefer those things. plus think positive, you can lay on your stomach and run freely. don't let it get to you :)

You could reverse the role and say he's trying to kidnap you. I bet he'll think twice before making fun of you again.

Yes, cause getting your boyfriend arrested is the perfect solution. Besides, it doesn't sound like he was making fun of her. He was just trying to save some money.

He may not be making fun of her, but it obviously doesn't make op feel good. I don't think it's worth saving a few bucks if it makes her feel bad. It's probably embarrassing and awkward.

People on this site take everything so literal. The woman is joking! ffs

Yes thank you. It's was a freaking joke! People on this site take everything so seriously.

Pretty shitty joke if you ask me.

Good thing no one asked you.

Lol, everyone hates you

I passed as "under 12" to get into the zoo. I feel your pain, but at least we save money right?

I get away with movie rates, kids menus, and under18 bus fares. I'm 22. I definitely understand.

Hey, that will save you money in the long haul. Some people are naturally flat chested. Don't be ashamed because your boyfriend obviously still loves you.

Yes, all breasts are beautiful. People have preferences, some like bigger and some like smaller. Even if you are literally flat chested or "too big", all breasts have their perks and will be loved!

I'm naturally small chested (not flat, but close enough lol!). I've always been bothered by it because all the girls my age I know have big breasts, even when they're really thin. But my boyfriend still loves them, so that makes me feel a bit better!

If I was a woman I'd rather be younger looking and flat chested then old and ogled.

if I was a soldier, especially a SPC and one who has been deployed, I'd make sure my head gear was off indoors.

#11 If I was an asshole, id be you!

downvote if you must but I agree with #11. military regulations are in place for a reason. No leniency would be tolerated if a superior saw that.

Flat-Chested, but at least you'll look young in the long run.

Speechless at your situation and how your body is being taunted like that =O

amberdea404 28

Gain some weight to gain some boob.

Misswildsides 22

Sometimes that won't always help. A lot has to do with genetics.

Once, to gain muscle (I lift weights), I gained about 38 pounds. My boobs went from a small 32A to a small 32B. I went from a 00 to a 3. Not much change in my breasts, because some of us just don't naturally have bigger breasts.

ChadHelton 8

no idea how boobs work, huh ?

Im afraid this will happen to me eventually. But I'm so flat chested I don't think anyone will ever want me anyways.

It really isn't all about boobs. Keira Knightley has very small boobs, Angelina Jolie had to have a mastectomy - both these women are amazing and world famous. Your personality will attract so much more!

And believe it or not, some guys actually prefer smaller boobs.

awildwhisper 30

mine does ^-^

flat chest is great! keep up your spirit!