By Anonymous - Japan - Tokyo
Today, as always, I have a very weak stomach. I'm in Japan right now, and all the unfamiliar foods set me off every time I eat. I can choose between having a great time and starving myself half to death, or sitting in my hotel room all day with stomach pains and diarrhea. FML
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  TheDrifter  |  23

Can't decide if... nah, must be trolling, nobody's that stupid. Go for teriyaki chicken and rice. Most places will have it in some form and it's easy on the stomach.

  lizlala  |  15

they do have grocery stores with foreign food, mc donalds and starbucks +++
you can also get hamburgers/pizza pretty much everywhere. And normal supermarkets also sell bread, cheese, yoghurt etc.
I've never had any problem with finding food I'm used to...
hope you find a solution op! ^^;
feel better soon!

  Furytalon  |  14

Yup, exactly everyone in the us eats rice and ramen noodles (almost) and like comment above me pizza and starbucks maconalds is a bit different and pizza everywhere, yes I know because I've been there 10 times

By  music_woman1  |  11

It won be a great holiday, will it :( maybe you should've taken some food from home? You could try to see if a shop or supermarket sells anything that your stomach can keep down

By  qwtf  |  14

I don't eat fish so when I was in Japan it was hard. Try ramen noodles or beef hash, both are really good for Americans. Its what I ate for over two weeks. Enjoy the trip!!

  rikitsumiatsu  |  11

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  DerpyDerper  |  7

Not all people in one country are the same. He was just suggesting food that wouldn't be so different and would be easy to eat. When you travel, food that you're not used to can be hard to digest. You can get really sick.

By  MerrikBarbarian  |  9

If you are in Tokyo you can probably find American food. If you are in smaller towns- pro tip to avoid food poisoning. Go to either very high end places with glass windows into the kitchen or open air stalls where you can watch your food prepared. The middle of the line places often practice poor hygiene and food safety, and you won't know because they have closed kitchens.

By  SkoomaKi  |  27

Bread, rice, noodles and so many foods are sure to be near you. You just have to look! You could make a breadcrumb salad with a side dish of rice and for desert, bland noodles.