By rc2981 - 13/06/2014 10:45 - Australia - Perth

Today, artwork that I had been working on for months was destroyed, leaving me almost in tears. The culprit? A lonely pigeon who'd got into the room and shat all over it. FML
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Now they are all abstract and speak of societies crappy expectations.

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Probably because it doesn't make much sense.

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#47 how dose it not make sense?! are you a special kind of stupid or something??

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From what I got from their comment that shouldn't have been voted down so much. Is they too had a bird poop on their work. I don't get how that was hard to understand.

#66, you're the special kind of stupid. *cough* does* *cough*

I understood this to mean that he's not the only one who poops on people's artwork..

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I don't see a "sorry :(" button anywhere.

#20 seems to have found a "parrot" button that posts overly-repeated drivel.

did his parrot also shit on op's work?

Yeah, that must've sucked. But on the plus side OP can try his luck at Pigeon Drop now.

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now you have a piece of Shit

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Don't you mean a masterpiece of shit?

Now they are all abstract and speak of societies crappy expectations.

Well atleast you could start a new trend of artwork with whats left

Yes. Op could create a new revolutionary art movement. It will be called bowelnism, artists everywhere will now be searching for exotic species to relieve themselves on their artwork leavings others baffled in the aroma of deuces and questioning what the underlying artwork would be like.

#32, your name sounds awfully like the culprit's species and you seem to be very knowledgeable on the matter. Are you sure you weren't involved? :P

#43. It wasn't my fault that the window was open...

#32 - I heard a radio show about an artist who uses vomit in their artwork, so your idea really isn't that far-fetched...

I think I jus knw how dat feels.....having pets sucks at tymz

I don't think OP has a pet pigeon...

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Please translate that to English

I'm not even a grammar nazi and that comment is killing me.

That sucks, OP. Maybe you could've used it to your advantage?