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Today, an old man approached me at work. I smiled and asked, "Hi, can I help you"? He looked at me for a few seconds before replying, "Fuck me, you need to lose some weight!" and then wandering off. FML
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  mellajella  |  14

Well maybe OP really does need to lose some weight. I'm tired of people pretending being overweight isn't a health issue that not only affects you, but the ones that care for you.

It's unhealthy to be overweight. Period.

I'm sorry if this hurts OP, but it needs to be said and you need to realize it.

  melody309  |  35

#64, why do you presume to know what the OP needs to realize about her health or body? Do you know her? I don't think so. Also, why are you defending what the man said without even knowing anything about her?

Beyond that, why is it anyone's business but her own what her body looks like? I'm tired of people thinking they have the right to police other people's bodies. I'm sure she's heard "fat is bad" a million times. And she might not even BE fat! Did you ever stop to think that the guy could just be an asshole?

The point is that a really rude person made an insensitive and uncalled for comment on someone else's body. She didn't deserve that, she has every right to be upset over it, and she sure as hell doesn't need to hear advice on how she "might" need to lose weight.

Get the fuck off your high horse.

  19990231  |  29

I was kinda figuring pianist sounds like penis.

By  snowflaky  |  22

Was he saying "fuck me" as if it was meant for exercise? Or "fuck me" as in "why is this fatty talking to me?" Because the first one is creepy, the second is blatantly mean.

  gintwinsmoore  |  20

yes #6, in relation to exercising to OP he was saying "fuck me", as in "nevermind helping me because you need more help than me right now!" However, still rude as hell to say to anyone trying to help you though.

  annarcheer  |  19

Me too. Honestly I hate people who talk behind peoples backs and say stuff but can't say it to there face. Elderly people have balls. My great grandma (she's 96) told my mum she looked like she was gaining weight but she honestly didn't mean it to hurt her. I will admit what the guy said was rude but I'd rather have someone tell me straight up that I was fat rather then talk behind my back about it but there's no rude to be mean and try to hurt the persons feelings in the process.

  shessohighh  |  10

#47, saying nothing at all is also an option. People with no filter who can't manage to keep their rude comments to themselves are more annoying than anything.

By  Purexinsanity  |  46

I always wondered why people, both old and young alike, feel their hurtful opinions matter enough to share them.
Forget him, OP. As long as you're happy with your body, it doesn't matter what some old geezer thinks.

  ZoroMiHawk  |  25

Opinions can never be hurtful if you yourself didn't give a rat's behind about your looks. If they are hurtful, it's because you secretly agree, or partially agree, with that opinion which was once denied and buried out of thought and now someone else brought it back into your mind.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I disagree 30. Unfortunately, as humans, we care what other people think about us, whether it's only a little bit or a lot. It's normal to care a bit. If someone says a really rude comment about you being ugly or fat, it can bother you, not necessarily because you think that way, but because you are hurt that other people think that when they see you. You may not care necessarily about thoughts on your looks, but maybe you care about how someone perceives you academically or your intellect. Everybody cares a bit, and if they say they don't than they are most likely lying. Sure you may not care what a certain group thinks (like old people or snobby people or hippies) but you usually care what your peers think. Either way, people should learn when to keep their mouths shut and not say rude things that hurt other people. Especially when it's a stranger and especially when there's no point to saying it.