By skyeraven - 16/03/2014 20:10 - South Africa - Cape Town

Today, an elderly man had to give me money to pay for my grocery bill because my sister broke down crying in the store as I didn't have enough money to pay for both her milkshake and cookies. She's 19. FML
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I'd have refused the money, can't have people break down crying each time they don't get a milkshake and cookies.

Hopefully, at the very least, your sister thanked him profusely... How can someone do this when they're already a grown adult?


Old men - nice guys Old women - complete douches

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Are you stupid?

ariiewilliams 17

What do old women have to do with this FML?

#1, I hope your grandma isn't reading this

martialart1st18 19

#17 ignore that dislike

Sextist bastard (excuse my spelling)

I think he was joking, because all of the old women on FML have been assholes. I don't think he meant it literally.

13- sometimes you don't have to ask; you just know.

Must've read too many bad granny FML's...

Wassup number one. What's good in tha hood? You got more you would like to say? Mark.

Even though it is stereotypical, it's a bad stereotype. Besides, can you explain to me how Jimmy Saville was a nice guy? I mean, he could've been, but you know..

Not really, there was one FML a while back where an old woman lied on OPs shoulder and died during a bus ride. OP didn't know until he had to get off.

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I don't want to live on this planet anymore..-.-

There's always Mars #88.

Hopefully, at the very least, your sister thanked him profusely... How can someone do this when they're already a grown adult?

How can someone do this? Ask a pregnant woman...or a female on her period. (though, I've never broken down and cried over snacks...but that's just me!)

Well the reason it's called hormones is cause they can't really control it. Think about it like you're emotionally drunk. Of course, some women get it at different levels, just like everybody's alcohol tolerances.

First world problem

Maybe you can't control your hormones, but all they do is affect your mood. They don't 'make' you cry, the most they could do is make you sad or a bit down. My hormones go mental every month, and when I was pregnant they made me absolutely crazy- the littlest things could affect my mood, but I never broke down in public, especially just because something didn't go my way, because I'm an adult and I'm fully aware that it's really not acceptable behaviour for a 23 year old! Thats one thing I hate so much and have had way too much experience with; women who use pregnancy as an excuse to throw a fit if they don't get there way. It's pathetic.

behaving like a brat and breaking down in the middle of public are two completely different actions, having a tantrum is acting like a brat, breaking down into tears because of hormones or mental and depression factors isn't acting like a brat. granted OP's sister was probably being a brat.

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I have broken down in tears in public due to a number of issues. that being said I did not throw a hiss fit or act like a brat, I tried to calm down as much as possible and I actually apologised to the person (in my case it was a doctor) and went outside to get air then went home. it wasn't my fault I cried I'm a very emotional person but I in no way acted like OP's sister. there is NEVER an excuse to act like a brat

Lmao. When did I ever say it was acceptable? I was just pointing out an example to answer their question.

It's quite alright, #71. I don't take much personally. Lol. Like I said, I was just throwing out an example as to why someone would do this... not trying to make it seem like an acceptable behavior but only a reason as to maybe why. :p

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It's annoying when girls use being pregnant or on their period to be assholes. They need to have some self control.

I'd have refused the money, can't have people break down crying each time they don't get a milkshake and cookies.

Yeah op please tell me you didn't take that man's money. What a little brat

let's be honest though, when you really want something you really want it. but the crying at her age I don't think was acceptable

Yeah I reall ywant a mansion and a Ferrari really really bad. Doesn't mean I can whine and hissy fit my way into getting them.

I mean she might've been on her period. It would explain the break down and the milkshake and cookies.

Fyl could've just walked away from her and let her weep alone ya?

At least he was nice enough to help you pay for your groceries though :)

Never too old for milkshakes and cookies

But there is a limit for going crazy in public

I understand the behavior coming from a little kid but not an adult.

Such a nice guy. He understands the importance of milkshake and cookies together. You just can't eat cookies without it. That's not possible.

I would prefer straight milk with those cookies as opposed to a milkshake...

Right, but without something milky cookies are kinda boring. That's what I meant but you are absolutely right.

What a sweet man, sorry your sister is a brat OP, hopefully you thanked him heaps. Maybe don't take your sister next time?

Such a nice guy. I hope your sister enjoyed her snack!!

Oh, Well I hope she choked on the cookies in front of everyone in the store.

I would've told her to act her age, thank the elderly man but decline, and then walk out. If she acts like that and people keep giving in, she will never grow up.