By Yellow an - 26/01/2015 22:19 - United States

Today, all day, in a huge blizzard, I've been stuck with a very nice, but very ugly, toothless and rather large and somewhat smelly woman, who has been continuously saying, "It feels like we're dating. Doesn't it feel like we're dating?" Ugh. No, no it doesn't. And please don't kill me. FML
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Why would you say she's "very nice" and then ask that she doesn't kill you? Be reasonable.

tony1891 22

at least she could keep you warm while you're stuck inside.


For your safety, I would suggest just going with it.

If he went along with it, I could see her trying to make sexual advances that he couldn't escape D:

What state? I'll rescue you in a plow.

#55 is thirsty

tantanpanda 26

For some water, right?! I can see the dehydration in her picture!

tony1891 22

at least she could keep you warm while you're stuck inside.

Marcella1016 31

...feel like a perv for immediately seeing the pervy connotations of this comment. Giggity?

If the power goes out and it gets cold, OP could Han Solo her. And he thought she smelled bad on the outside.

kirbs19 37

Wonder where OP is stuck...

Yuck! Hahaha

Why would you say she's "very nice" and then ask that she doesn't kill you? Be reasonable.

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I disagree, I don't think that's a safe assumption to make. More likely he thinks she's crazy and will do something drastic if he attempts to ward off any advances she may make. Either don't say "don't kill me" or don't say she's "very nice," it's pretty simple.

poorjudgement 26

OP actually does ask from us not to hit too many times YDI button, and not to "burry" him in our comments. He said she is very nice, as a person, but he couldn't stand dating someone who looks and/or smells like her.

born_hustla 26

Nice people do kill!

Because she's reading over his shoulder as he posts. Like people who are dating do all the time.

FieldLeftBlank 20

Well, don't sociopaths create the illusion of fitting into society by appearing to be nice and personable? Have fun, OP.

Seriously, how did this even get published? It's horribly written and not thought out at all.

Buhhhlainaaaa 16

In lots of scary movies, the killer seems like a very nice person who "feels like they're dating" the victim. Then when the feeling isn't mutual, they get angry and attack.

Looks like your gonna need a cuddle buddy so just nod and smile for now and then make a break for it ASAP

You don't normally date people while stuck in the middle of a blizzard, OP?

It worked out for the people in the movie Two Night Stand!

brunettegirl224 4

Well that stinks..


... Have you ever written a comment and then regretted it later? I have.

Be nice to her. If the power goes out, you're going to need someone to help keep you warm.

Then she peels off her skin to reveal a beautiful woman underneath. She was testing to see if you cared about personality or looks. Nah who am I kidding get away from that ogre.

Has Shrek taught you nothing?

"This is my Swamp!" Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

It's all Ogre now

Yeah. Fat, ugly, smelly, green people are insufferable narcissists.

Jeez I thought for sure that my comment would get disliked to hell

You'll need a bag and a cloths pin.

Brace yourself, Winter is coming.