By Yellow an - United States
Today, all day, in a huge blizzard, I've been stuck with a very nice, but very ugly, toothless and rather large and somewhat smelly woman, who has been continuously saying, "It feels like we're dating. Doesn't it feel like we're dating?" Ugh. No, no it doesn't. And please don't kill me. FML
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I disagree, I don't think that's a safe assumption to make. More likely he thinks she's crazy and will do something drastic if he attempts to ward off any advances she may make. Either don't say "don't kill me" or don't say she's "very nice," it's pretty simple.

  poorjudgement  |  26

OP actually does ask from us not to hit too many times YDI button, and not to "burry" him in our comments. He said she is very nice, as a person, but he couldn't stand dating someone who looks and/or smells like her.

  Buhhhlainaaaa  |  16

In lots of scary movies, the killer seems like a very nice person who "feels like they're dating" the victim. Then when the feeling isn't mutual, they get angry and attack.