By some people's parents / Thursday 18 April 2013 04:01 / United States - Aurora
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  Noxialis  |  9

#42 - I disagree. You shouldn't call it a loan when asking for money if you won't be paying it back. And I really hate the argument people use that because a child is expensive, they should cut their parents some slack. Yes, children are expensive to raise, but this is no secret. They chose to have that kid, the kid didn't choose to be born.

  alycion  |  26

I don't have an issue loaning to family and friends main because I won't loan what I can't afford to lose. I go into it not expecting it back. So if I get laid back, great. If not, I wasn't expecting it anyway.

  SmosherMe  |  6

45, she had the kids. If she couldn't pay for them, she shouldn't have had them. I'd stop giving her money. I mean, yeah she's family and whatnot but she still shouldn't ask for much if anything.

  TheNewGuy03  |  26

78 -- they are my still my nephews and niece. Yes, I advised her against having more kids than she can handle at the beginning, and I know they aren't *my* kids, but what's done is done. I love those dudes ... ya know?

  JadeWinter  |  16

I could be wrong, but sending a "very large man" to their daughter/son's door for being a day late with a repayment makes this woman seem sort of unreasonable, and beyond talking to.

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