By some people's parents - 18/04/2013 04:01 - United States - Aurora

Today, after years of loaning my mother countless amounts of cash that never get paid back, borrowing $60 from her, and being just one day late paying it off due to food poisoning, she sends a very large man to my door to collect, like she's Tony Soprano. FML
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Kallian_fml 21

People need to stop loaning money to people they know won't pay them back. She should have just let OP keep the $60.

ctlnaaia71 8

So why don't you do the same to her?


Kallian_fml 21

People need to stop loaning money to people they know won't pay them back. She should have just let OP keep the $60.

Family and friends you just shouldn't mix with loaning money and doing business with.

As someone who has lent parents countless amounts of money, it sucks to never get it back. However, out of the thousands and thousands you have cost her to raise, it can't be that bad just to let it go.

My sister is like this. -_- But I feel obligated to give her money because she has three kids. This is never gonna end...

#42 - I disagree. You shouldn't call it a loan when asking for money if you won't be paying it back. And I really hate the argument people use that because a child is expensive, they should cut their parents some slack. Yes, children are expensive to raise, but this is no secret. They chose to have that kid, the kid didn't choose to be born.

I don't have an issue loaning to family and friends main because I won't loan what I can't afford to lose. I go into it not expecting it back. So if I get laid back, great. If not, I wasn't expecting it anyway.

Hoping for sex when you lend family and friends money? SHIT JUST GOT REAL, YO!

45, she had the kids. If she couldn't pay for them, she shouldn't have had them. I'd stop giving her money. I mean, yeah she's family and whatnot but she still shouldn't ask for much if anything.

78 -- they are my still my nephews and niece. Yes, I advised her against having more kids than she can handle at the beginning, and I know they aren't *my* kids, but what's done is done. I love those dudes ... ya know?

ctlnaaia71 8

So why don't you do the same to her?

Because more very large men will arrive at OP's door.

Talk to her and explain to her that you do not like how she does not pay you back but flips out over a day of tardiness in paying her back.

JadeWinter 16

I could be wrong, but sending a "very large man" to their daughter/son's door for being a day late with a repayment makes this woman seem sort of unreasonable, and beyond talking to.

Honestly if she's this crazy then maybe restraing order + courts to get back the borrowed funds..

If there's nothing in writing, good luck in getting the funds back.

It's always funny how people act when they get a little taste of their own medicine, even when it's unintentional

therealafroninga 10

Actually, I wouldn't attempt to f with the mob, you never know.

Why did you borrow the $60 off her? I would have told her that I need $60 out of the money she owes!

Love your pussy!

hryffff 11

That is smart my friend, very smart.

She will probably ask for more money just to pay the collector.

She has problems, I say never pend her money again.

Get rid of her for good. It's the only safe thing to do. Talking to her will not help.

Or just stop lending her money/borrowing money from her.

How does one actually get rid of ones Mother for good?

Well, we'll need some cyanide, a coffin and a shovel.

The coffin is optional. If you don't have access to the above items, concrete shoes are also quite effective.

Lizardgirl 7

Or corrosive acid and a hacksaw...

kyu_Q 19

With corrosive acid all you need is a large plastic container and a good septic system. Bye bye worries.... And large men

Electric meat grinder and an industrial toilet. One pound per flush.

Oh god, what did I start?

Obviously, my poor English got me in trouble. I just meant to say OP should separate all ties to such a threatining person.

AboveAll04 14

you should have her clean your whole house to pay back the money she owes you if she is going to be a bitch

What if she takes his stuff and sells it for more money!

kentuckyguy 4

Call the police and she gets to spend time in the klink...

Wow...what would have happened if the OP didn't pay his/her mother back? Was the man going to threaten them? Break their legs? D: