By skipperpop - United States - Ames
Today, after work, I was saying goodbye to my last remaining friend I worked with because she was going to be leaving for college. My manager saw me talking and made me clock back in and work because "If you have time to talk, you have time to work." FML.
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  joeyl2008  |  29

The only thing I can think of that makes sense to me is the boss saw OP standing around talking and told them to get back to work, not knowing OP was off, and OP took that as "clock back in and continue working".

  tounces7  |  27

Which would mean they don't know OP's schedule and they're an idiot.

I think the only takeaway from this is that OP's boss is extremely old-fashioned, and is used to owning slaves instead of hired employees.

That's what you get in a "Right to Work" state.


My boss always memorized our schedules so she'd know who was supposed to be in the store for the day, when each person was finishing, and when the next person was coming in to take over the next shift. She made the scheduled, she should know what people are working and when.
Also, even if she didn't, a lot of schedules are posted right on site. So all she had to do was glance at it and could easily see OP was finished for the day.

  thatweirdasian  |  22

Being interrupted wasn't the main point of this OP's post. OP was already off work when he said his last goodbye to his coworker who was leaving for college. I would rather say my goodbyes in person rather than over the phone.

By  GhostFox  |  33

I don't think this is legal at all, for one.

For two, what the fuck? Does she expect her employees to have no social life just because she ruined her's years ago? She sounds flat out petty and jealous.

By  Jurbla  |  14

Made you? As in... you actually clocked back in? Please tell me you just used the wrong wording. Once you're off the clock, your boss is no longer your boss and has no authority over what you do unless you blatantly demonstrate that you're horribly unfit to work there or just don't come in when you're scheduled to.


That would basically be Montana. I googled right to work after hearing about it a million times in this app and literally the only state where you are required by law to have a valid reason when firing someone is Montana... There are national laws about reasons you can't fire someone though. and some states have even more reasons you can't be fired e.g. gender / sexual orientation discrimation is sadly not a nationwide banned reason to fire . it's state by state. idk why people keeping saying IF it's a right to work state.. Montana isn't super populous. so it probably is. Though on that note it's really weird that the odd one out is Montana. I would have thought it would be like Massachusetts or California or some blue state like that.