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Today, after weeks of insomnia, I fell asleep. This would have been great if my brother didn't wake me up at 3am, screaming because his guild finally took down a raid boss. I'm now grounded for thumping him, and have to do all his chores while sleep deprived. FML
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  Pleonasm  |  34

"Stick to the plan, stick to the plaaaayunnn!"
"God dammit it Leeroy!"
"Leeroy, you are just stoopid"


"At least I have chicken."

  lincolnkite  |  6

I agree with the tea idea. I have had insomnia for years. Worst time for me was unable to sleep at all for 6 days. Drink warm tea, dim the lights, and read a textbook.

  yzzami  |  17

Except there are raid bosses and guilds in more than just wow. Back when I played Rift, my guild took on raid bosses from the Rifts. And there are raid bosses in GW2 as well

  doodlecloud  |  26

Is it really that weird? Even parents who DO think physical violence is just one of those things that happens between growing siblings usually still don't actually condone it. Like if I had a kid and they stole some pick n mix, secretly I wouldn't really care that much because most people do that at some point, but I'd still act disappointed and ground them or make them go and apologise or something because you can't let them think stealing is okay.