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By  suyci  |  0

ur a hermafrodite then? :P
sucks anyways for you, give up, try something new, would be my advice
and if she comes to you on her hands and feet, shes too late, dont you think?

By  gnoo_fml  |  0

that's painful! im in a similar situation as yours. i told the girl who's been my best friend for 4 years. its all awkward now. i'd suggest you distance yourself from her. for now, at least.

@11: i think suffering silently is much worse. its easier to just tell her.

By  burdenofaday  |  0

Welcome to the friend zone, buddy. You will never, ever get out. You can keep being her friend, of course, but you need to find someone else to be in love with. Because, seriously -- you're effed. You are not and will never be someone she wants to be with. :/

Oh, and if you try to break through the friend zone barriers, be aware that all you're going to accomplish is losing her as a friend as well. Don't bother trying.

By  analytik  |  0

From my experience, the best thing to do is to get a life outside of her, not cut her off immediately and completely (even when that would be least painful and most effective, but makes you look like a weirdo). Find friends, have fun.

By  xolotl  |  0

yeah, i'm one of those in a similar situation. i hope you appreciate those who are telling you just to keep your distance and move on, but that's incredibly difficult. you're not just talking about a crush or someone you're infatuated with. this is your best friend. that's a whole other (in some ways, more important) dynamic to the relationship. you can't just walk away from your best friend. i know i can't.

By  laptoptimusprime  |  0

I say just stop trying to be her friend. If you don't want her to be "just a friend", that is. Maybe do like some of the others here have suggested and start dating another girl, and watch to see if she reacts with jealousy or not. But whatever you do, if you want to have a more intimate relationship with her, you can't be the one that's around all the time anymore. Make yourself scarce...