By Anonymous - 26/01/2014 17:21 - United Kingdom - Aberystwyth

Today, after waiting two weeks for an email with my online textbook access code, it still hadn't arrived in time for my quiz tomorrow, so I ended up spending most of my money on the expensive physical copy. Not long after I got back home, the email finally arrived. FML
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I hope you kept your receipt!

challan 19

It's a conspiracy, Op! The online school is laughing all the way to the bank.


challan 19

It's a conspiracy, Op! The online school is laughing all the way to the bank.

JMichael 25

That's how they get you. Wait till the minute you crack and pay an excess amount of money for a book you're going to use for 1 semester and then they come through.

casual_commenter 9

I hope you kept your receipt!

Textbooks are ridiculously expensive. Like, unnecessarily so. We should all just reuse them; that way we wouldn't have to go broke over them

That's why I prefer just looking for the PDF files instead, I normally only need a few pages of the textbook and I'm not going to fork out loads of money for it.

Or try to find them used online, because you are very right. I don't know how colleges expect us to pay for books if the prices keep rising.

Prices still don't break the bank like when my uncle got his masters in 84. 300$ for a pocket book, maybe 100 pages thick.

especially ebook versions of textbooks! theres no manufacturing cost, and yet, many times, theyre even more expensive than the print! OP, next time, call the company you purchased the online access from. they can manually send you the email if there is a long delay, ive done it beforw

The cost of making the physical product is only part of the cost, even with shipping, etc - most of the production cost is in labour, licensing, etc. This has to be spent whether they print or offer downloads, and specialist books have smaller print runs to spread the cost over. The prices are still the sort of ripoff you only get in a seller'a market, though, and journals are even worse.

It's better to look on Amazon for textbooks. For book buy back they gave me six dollars for one textbook and they didn't take a couple books for some reason. College textbooks are ripoffs.

They are planned to be obsolete in 3 years

Maybe you can still sell your access code to someone else. Edit: The previous commenter and I think alike.

Always rent if possible. If not, you can sell it to another student yourself and get some back instead of taking the bookstore's "refund".

I have seen renting more expensive than just buying the book. So, not always worth it.

How about rent it to another student then?

#15, Just shop around for the best price while renting books! I rent most of my books I have no intent ever using again, but do have the option to buy at the end of the term if needed. It is far more cost effective as long as you do not go directly through the school. Third party is best in this case!

I would've contacted Customer Support a lot earlier in reference to the email. If it makes you feel any better, most of the time you can get a refund if you haven't taken the plastic off the book. Personally, I think renting used books is the way to go.

I would sell it to another student or try and return it. Sorry OP, hope you did good on your quiz though!