By NotBridezilla - United States - Klamath Falls
Today, after waiting 3 months until my friend's wedding was done being celebrated, I announced my engagement. My newlywed friend bitched me out for "stealing" all of the attention and being selfish. FML
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By  OneGuySixDemons  |  23

Like, come on, seriously. It's not like someone is getting married EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.
[obvious sarcasm is sarcastic]

Sorry for you that your friend is such an attention-whore. Congratulations nonetheless!

By  2011_schuyler  |  1

Tell her reality is life goes on after your wedding, and to positive position the reality for her is that its something special she can now focus on just solely between her and her new spouse. Overall though she's probably some attention whore who needs to get over it.

  PJSandWitch  |  3

Some people get married for legal reasons only, but a lot of people want to stand in front of their friends and family to make that commitment.
Announcing it in this case is kind of the purpose of getting married.