By CrimsonAmaryllis - 01/04/2013 16:37 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, after two and a half hours of travel, it was finally my stop on the train. I politely waited for a group of women to get off first. They took so long to move that the train doors closed. I shouted at one through the door to call the conductor. She watched and smiled as the train departed. FML
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Nice guys and gals finish last :/.

iLike2Teabag 27

The same thing happens when I take the bus.. Damn troll conductors/drivers.


abbttmc 12

The fuck?

Nice guys and gals finish last :/.

Since no good deed goes unpunished, I don't do good deeds.

Damn 34! Feel sorry for you if life's been that harsh on you that you actually believe that!

Only when they try to help bitches.

Or bitches and dicks know what the fuck they're doing.

2 - That statement isn't quite true. The fact is that the nice girls/guys "finish last" is because they try to substitute personality differences, standards, and/or other emotional bi-products for good deeds. Ideally speaking, the other person just isn't attracted to us nice guys/girls and we try and force it by being nice and such.

2, it isn't always nice people finish last. It's the idiots around them not noticing that someone else needs to leave the train. The jerks, in this FML, should have hurried up so the OP could make it off in time. But that rarely happens. Those jerks/idiots are so caught up in themselves, they don't even know when some one is being nice and patiently waiting for them.

Nah, I know I'm not finishing last because it warms my heart to help others.

Won't do that again will you. Nice guys all have to learn sometime.

#34 I will have too agree with you when I went to Vegas I held the door open for 27 people I only received three thank you, never again.

You know, it's possible that they just couldn't go faster, and the smile was not out of cruelty, but misunderstanding. Sometimes, one needs to choose to believe there is still hope...

iLike2Teabag 27

The same thing happens when I take the bus.. Damn troll conductors/drivers.

iLike2Teabag 27

Whoops. I mean, damn troll riders, holding up everybody else.

musicluvr2000 11

Damn world.

This woman has no feelings. You were a gentleman to her and she was an insensitive bitch to you.

crazytwinsmom 25

OP is a woman.

skittycat213 19

Maybe so, but a woman can be just as gentlemanly as any man

RpiesSPIES 27

#43 I'd love to see a woman with a top hat, monacle, and a cane.

This FML wasn't very funny. But I'm still laughing over Gentlewoman haha

bamagrl410 31

I'm still laughing at the top hat, monocle & cane image hahaha

54- Mrs. Peanut?

54- Mrs. Peanut?

McNikk 15

Some people are just cruel. I hope you still got to the place you were trying to go.

45- Or in your case, decimated.

twaumat 28

old women strike again!

McNikk 15

Who said they were old?

suboy 10

I dont know why i too see them as a group of old women with white hair and a full windsuit.

The group of women consisted of three ladies, but strangely it was the younger one (mid 20s) instead of the two older ones that smiled and did nothing!

NickaPLZ 26

I would've gave her the finger. Call me immature.

NickaPLZ 26

given* Please excuse my shitty grammar.

Hope you learn from your mistakes. Fucking evil bitch.

What can I say? YDI.

NickaPLZ 26

I'm sorry, did we read a different FML? OP deserves a medal in my book.

I'm sorry, how on Earth did OP deserve this?

I'm just imagining some woman staring you straight in the eyes with the biggest, creepiest, and most maniacal smile, and with the word"SOON"