By BadtoWorse - United States
  Today, after thinking I smelled the aroma of stale alcohol, I asked my husband, who is a recovering alcoholic, if he has been completely honest with me about all that he has been doing. Bracing myself to hear about his fall off the wagon, I instead heard a confession of adultery. FML
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She didn't ask if he committed adultery. Just if he was being honest. And he shouldve known she meant about alcohol if he's SUPPOSED to be recovering. Or she shouldve specified more. Either way, his habits need to be changed, and if they don't change, divorce him, I'm possibly sorry to say.

  Metzler31  |  17

umm well it seems like he was drinking with fucking another girl.... no real bright side to that, (well if he was with another guy maybe you would feel better, but idk)

  Unlucky1232  |  20

My father would like a word with u. Maybe I'm taking this to personal but i don't think all cheaters can't be redeemed. Maybe he's a rare exception. maybe I'm taking this to seriously. idk

  Vietmanx  |  9

Omg I would be so scared of psychomerk hurting me, I don't know what I'd do with myself if I ever crossed her. How do you up the sarcasm with only visual type?