By BadtoWorse - 23/03/2010 14:51 - United States

Today, after thinking I smelled the aroma of stale alcohol, I asked my husband, who is a recovering alcoholic, if he has been completely honest with me about all that he has been doing. Bracing myself to hear about his fall off the wagon, I instead heard a confession of adultery. FML
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PsychoMerk 0

Leave him. No second chances for anyone, EVER. because what happens? they take it as a sign of weakness and do it allll over again ;0

sad!!!! F your husband!


ramboman19 8

sucks real bad

Asstazztic 8

Dump him

whowantsit 0

damn that sucks

WTF is with the ydi's?

GeoThermalSleuth 0

Sucks so much.

dump him , eat an apple or 2 and ull be just fine

obvious troll is obvious.

why is everyone saying 'dump him'? they are married, it is not that easy.

Well on the bright side, at least he wasn't drinking.

joserme 0

YDI... you shouldve kept ur mouth shut

I agree. that sucks ._.

oh YES it is!!!! Once a cheater always a cheater!!! I like my meat clean!!!! NOT SKANKY!!!!!!!! You can never trust that person fully again!!!

mhm well if u divorce him he will become an alocoholic again but if u stay with him he'll prob cheat on u again, ur decision

amazinggbaby 2

45 are you an idiot? she deserves it for caring about her husbands health? Some people just amaze me..

so your saying it wasn't the smell of alcohol??? then what was it.... ;)

bigd140 0

wait what???

M4V3R1CKR13 0

Jandude stop with the apple comments ur not funny!

28 some people just go around saying people deserved everything bad that has happened to them

when can you trust someone fully to start with? love operates through forgiveness.

45 u are so right! she shouldve just let her marriage to go to FUCK! Puss of, asshole

SteveDufour 0

take a mans crutch away he'll soon find another

75 that is mean u jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sad!!!! F your husband!

well obviously don't literally 'F' him...

Averizzle 0

You like to reply to yourself don't you. >_>

choosemusic 0

better for it to come out now than catching him in the act, right?

No. If you catch them in the act it's legal to smash his ball with an ice pick and set him on fire. Which is amusing.

don't ask the question if you don't want the answer. it can always turn out to be even worse.

jennnnrawr 0

yeah. it could turn out the other woman is your mom and he's your new dad...

She didn't ask if he committed adultery. Just if he was being honest. And he shouldve known she meant about alcohol if he's SUPPOSED to be recovering. Or she shouldve specified more. Either way, his habits need to be changed, and if they don't change, divorce him, I'm possibly sorry to say.

Why should he have known she meant alcohol? He didn't admit to drinking because he probably wasn't... doofus

Why was there alcohol smell if he wasn't drinking?

lol? are u serious? any alcholic husband should be dumped on his ass untill he's recovered.

are you serious?? shut the fuck up,you obviously know nothing about alcoholism.

Cos that'll clearly make him stop drinking... -.-

wow um fail. alcoholics need support to recover or they'll fall deeper into the problem.

well some1 is single over here

notastripper 0

sounds like quite the catch, doesn't he?

Well, at least he's not drinking again...

There's always the bright side...

umm well it seems like he was drinking with fucking another girl.... no real bright side to that, (well if he was with another guy maybe you would feel better, but idk)

PsychoMerk 0

Leave him. No second chances for anyone, EVER. because what happens? they take it as a sign of weakness and do it allll over again ;0

That sound like a great solution for someone who commits adultry, just not for anything else. :)

understandable but sometimes they need a 2nd chance

Unlucky1232 20

My father would like a word with u. Maybe I'm taking this to personal but i don't think all cheaters can't be redeemed. Maybe he's a rare exception. maybe I'm taking this to seriously. idk

#9 a one sour b

PsychoMerk 0

bite me >_> I see this shit way too often.

xhalighx 0

PsychoMerk is entirely correct. As usual. ;)

Yeah, and don't mess with PsychoMerk, or she might decide to rearrange your face.

I agree!!! WHY DONT THEY LEAVE!!!!! Then move on!!! HELLO

I'll bite u, if ya say please ;-)

Omg I would be so scared of psychomerk hurting me, I don't know what I'd do with myself if I ever crossed her. How do you up the sarcasm with only visual type?