By grimatwork - United Kingdom
  Today, after taking my jacket off at work, I found a large faint stain all across one side of my shirt. Turns out that my fiancé had used it to "clean up the bed." I am the manager of a supermarket with 40 employees. It was pretty obvious what it was. FML
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  justsayfuck  |  5

If the OP is hetero, a stain on his shirt might not be the message of 'getting some' he want to get across his employees.

Edit: I just checked, 'fiance' is apparently only used for males. So this comment does not apply to him.

  klutzycleo  |  5

@ #7, true, the form fiancé is male, and fiancée female, many people just use fiancé for the male or female they are engaged to, regardless. Or maybe that's just me (: