By grimatwork - 01/11/2010 17:24 - United Kingdom

Today, after taking my jacket off at work, I found a large faint stain all across one side of my shirt. Turns out that my fiancé had used it to "clean up the bed." I am the manager of a supermarket with 40 employees. It was pretty obvious what it was. FML
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lol. he said "jacked off"

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You didn't see that one coming.


what a shame

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how is that hot

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youre hot

you should give him a little present back with his shirt tomorrow

atleast your employees know your getting some ;)

If the OP is hetero, a stain on his shirt might not be the message of 'getting some' he want to get across his employees. Edit: I just checked, 'fiance' is apparently only used for males. So this comment does not apply to him.

@ #7, true, the form fiancé is male, and fiancée female, many people just use fiancé for the male or female they are engaged to, regardless. Or maybe that's just me (:

only a guy would be as dumb to use his partners work shirt to clean up after sex. I'm a guy, and I've done it. haha

OPs partner is a girl.

47- how do you know this? Just because OP is a guy, doesn't mean his fiancé has to be a girl

lol. he said "jacked off"

That's why you always check if the shirt is dirty or clean. (:

I read your bio. It was amazing. 100 suns? :D

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You didn't see that one coming.

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hahaha nice one!

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ahahahha! thatss just greatt,good one!

er, what was the stain? i'm assuming poo or pee, which is just disgusting if that was in your bed!

it was cum you knob. How old are you? like twelve!

or maybe she's mature?

what are you sweetcheeks, ignorant? a knob is equivalent to what you would probably call a 'dumbass'

Who do you think you are, pizza? Stop owning people.

A knob is a dick actual. that's what they call it in British Lang.

I love when people try to correct others and instead only highlight their own ignorance.

im 13 and i know what she was talking bout

also, fiancé can refer to a man or a woman 

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true i can see how u got the confusion there

fiancé is male. fiancée is female. just an FYI

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no one cares

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how did you not notice that before you put it on ? and what's on his shirt?

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Clean up on Aisle 9! Housekeeping, please take care of the cum stain on Aisle 9.

nice. if I worked there, and didn't give a shit about my job, I'd have made that announcement over the loudspeaker.