By Anonymous - 14/05/2010 04:33 - Canada

Today, after taking a pregnancy test and carefully disposing of all the evidence so no one would find out, I realized I left the receipt for it on the bathroom counter. I noticed too late as I watch my mom step out of the bathroom, and my step-father go in right after. FML
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matt1337c 0

Three words: YDI

britterss 0

don't get yourself in those situations if youre not ready to deal with the consequences!! if you're afraid of your parents finding out then you're not ready and shouldn't have sex!! if your parents wanted to raise another child they would have had another one!! use birth control and condoms, oh yeah, and abstinence!


matt1337c 0

Three words: YDI

cookie_monster2 0

that's three letters. it's an acronim. I spelled it wrong

matt1337c 0

Well, the ACRONYM stands for three words, so... Haha, I bet you I spelled it wrong

locomotion 0

Nope 5, you spelled it right. Sorry cookie.

haha ydi for not being a virgin no more!

ashlynn610 12

soo... are you pregnant?? ahaha(:

Good luck with that OP, next time remember that you always get rid of the receipt first!

FMLRevoluSean 0

Use birth control and don't be too slutty.

fyl for sharing a bathroom with your mom and stepfather.

wait, are you hiding the fact that you are pregnant or aren't pregnant? I'm sure the answer is pretty obvious but you never know.. lol

44 your picture is epicly awesome

rohosoccer08 1

Sean you don't have to be a slut to get preggo, it only takes one time... my little bro is proof of that... the first time my stepmom had sex and it was with a condom... 9 months later my brother! lol

how do you know shes a slut maybe shes with one person. but i do agree birth control works theres no excuse if you get pregnant you either didn't give a crap at the time, or were planning only 2% of pregnancy's were from failed birth control

FMLRevoluSean 0

I said don't be too slutty but a little bit is fine as long as you try to be safe is all that really matters

danceoo 0

even if she's not a slut, if she's not using birth control she's an idiot. and fyi people: WITHDRAWL IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL.

Wear a condom. or take it in the face.

In this day and age, there's no excuse for an unplanned pregnancy unless the birth control fails (not taking it every day or using it every so often is not the birth control failing). YDI for putting yourself in that situation in the first place.

those are letters....

hannahpie45 0


maybe she cant get birth control...accidents happen! how do u know a condom wasnt being used and it broke?

:O Wow, you're gonna be in deep trouble I'm guessing! Should've been more careful, but still FYL :(

fualignment 0

so are you preggers? won't be a fml until you find out you are!

blindyblonde13 0

yaah or until we hear the punishment... cause if they dont do anything then its not a fml..

I guess she wasn't otherwise the FML would have been that she was pregnant

EcstacyVonVanity 0

Just toss the mofo in the trash. OMG THAT WAS SO HARD!

it is if you have suspicious parents that look at what's in the trash.

You clearly have no understanding of the words "careful" and "all".

HipsterFox 3

Well obviously this is a YDI, if you knew you were going to get in trouble don't have sex until you want a baby? Because if you's your fault.

britterss 0

don't get yourself in those situations if youre not ready to deal with the consequences!! if you're afraid of your parents finding out then you're not ready and shouldn't have sex!! if your parents wanted to raise another child they would have had another one!! use birth control and condoms, oh yeah, and abstinence!

JaimeWorth89 3

I deffinately agree with you!!!

i love beeing mentaly chalenged cuz i dont have to take care of my kid

birds_fml 7

You made a lot of assumptions here. My husband and I are living with his parents, and we don't want them to find out we're trying to get pregnant, so any time I need to take a pregnancy test, I have to carefully hide the evidence too. Except I'm not so careless as to leave the receipt on the bathroom counter. The reason we don't want them to find out is because we know how overbearing they are with our niece and nephew, so we want to keep it a secret as long as possible.

I hope there's a reason you're living with his parents other than money.

danceoo 0

for some reason i DON'T think that's what happened. no offence, but you're not exactly in the majority of girls who want to hide they're pregnant and live with their parents

I'm guesssing it's rime to move you know enough of the whole failure to launch. get your own place and fuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk :-)

Cassmoneyyy 15

I wouldn't be trying to have a child while living with my parents or in laws. Buuuuut thats just me.

I don't see why. In most countries,a married couple stays with one of their parents so both parties will stay financially stable. Also,there is easily accessible childcare and also care for elderly parents instead of struggling to find and pay for those services. America is in the minority in its belief that in order to be an independent adult you have to move out and make things more difficult for yourself.

gingersnap23 0

so your parent go to the bathroom at the same time?

zippit09 0

You need to read it again :P

and most married couples do go to the bathroom at the same time. but read again.

34: Where did you get that impression?!

JaimeWorth89 3

why go through the whole process of getting rid of the evidence when they are going to find out anyway?...I'm tired of hearing about teens having babies...for the most part ( and also what I've noticed about my teen mother friends) teen moms just don't have their shit together yet...I guess it's because they are still a kid...and that's why kids don't need to have kids hahaha

She may have planned to get an abortion secretly so they would never have known. Except she screwed up first.

I completely agree i know teens will have sex i did at 16 but I got on birth control a month before when i was just kinda thinking about it, theres no excuse i see friends from high school or some of my younger friends and i ask how and they laugh and say we weren't using anything, or we were doing the pull out but had an accident even then theres a morning after pill i just don't it, I love babies but it's not fair to the kid when you are still a kid yourself I'm 21 and I'm still too young maybe 25 at the earliest.

I totally agree with you Jaime. Teen moms, and dads for that matter, do not have their shit together.

britterss 0

"If you have sex, you WILL get chlamydia, and you WILL DIE!"

fualignment 0

what movie was that from again?

That's a cool line. I wish Rainman had said that in the club scene.

britterss 0

mean girls.....I think! haha

fualignment 0

oh right the sex ed teacher haha