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are you the one who "accidentally" typed incest also.

Proof read my friend


Certainly not an English enthusiast

it was a typo... But he should have proof read the essay...

I was hoping this would be the first comment. Hats off to you, sir.

Proof reading the essay is what an english enthusiast would have done.

I agree #9 Revise and Edit

Hmmm, probably not the type of 'extra-curricular extra' they wanted to see...

meth; go big or go home

Proof read my friend

Before submitting preferably

Proof... As in math... I like puns

it would be better to get someone else to proof read. otherwise you might read it the way you want instead of the way it says.

School of hard knocks for you it is.

The best meth-od is to proof read and then get someone else to proof read too before sending anything important as its sometimes hard to see your own mistakes.

Especially when up are on meth.

Maybe they have a major for that? Haha just kidding FYL OP

You may be using a pseudonym, but I will always remember your name, Mr. Haizenberg.

You should be fine if you're applying for their chemistry program

Meth: more than once