By elevenharries - 03/06/2010 08:54 - United Kingdom

Today, after staying at my boyfriend's house for the first time, I got in the shower. His bathroom door doesn't lock, so half way through my shower he walked in. Trying to be sexy, I pressed myself up against the glass, which turned out the be a door that opens outwards. I fell on the floor. FML
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jonjon1217 0

Usually shower doors at least click into hard did you throw yourself against it?!

how did you not remember? sorry, ydi.


how did you not remember? sorry, ydi.

dafp but did he like it?

NzxtZ06 0

Purple Llamas.........oh myyy.

NzxtZ06 0

Best. Face. Plant. Ever.

^ Best. Comment. Ever.

dsizzle52 0

I like boobies pressed up ;)

Thats just sweet XD

NzxtZ06 0

by the way, we need pics of you pressing your body up against this glass door so that we may have a visual of how this went down. or else you señorita, are a phony, a big fat phony.

perfect... your naked, wet, in a horizontal position.... I say ydi for bein a dumb bitch. ydi also if your a fatty

evolutionsfox 0

lol I was going to say his boyfriend has it made

ydi for showering

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NzxtZ06 0

Dear 8, you sound like a girl, if so, and additionally if shower time is really always sexy time for you, then we are going to need some pics of you in your sexy time too.

shawnj1013 1

I wanna c u when its ur sexy time

Volcomsmy_Lyfe 0

ha that sucks YDI

Ydi by the way.. You should have known which way the door openend when you stepped in the shower ..

jonjon1217 0

Usually shower doors at least click into hard did you throw yourself against it?!

jade567 0

EXACTLY! my god, some people are just stupid anymore aren't they?

Your incorrect usage of the word "anymore" invalidates your comment. "Anymore" follows a negative statement, like "people don't eat giraffes anymore."

"Some people are stupid anymore aren't they?" Lol, I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. If not: " Some people are stupid these days, aren't they?" And the explanation prior to mine is pretty hilarious, also.

or, "Jade567" doesn't have any brain cells, anymore.

this dosnt make any sense she was already in the shower but she didn't know that the door that she had already went through opened outward

lmao. ouch. shower falls hurt like a bitch!! fyl