By jonjon - 13/06/2010 13:16 - United States

Today, after spending the evening with friends, I went home and realized that the living room light was on. Thinking someone was robbing me, I hid behind a bush. I got impatient and crept up to the door. Then I remembered that I'd left the light on before I left. FML
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Yah when I see a light on I automatically assume I'm being robbed.

That's okay sounds like something I would do if I forgot that I left the light on.


why would any self-respecting burglar switch lights on while robbing you? to admire the interior of your house in the meantime? fyl for having no common sense.

why would you even think that?? paranoid much?

ydi. total failure.

wow haha remember next time 

#7 is right, thats the way i do it, havent been caught yet lol

I wouldve loved to see you doing that :) lol

so the OP is the jackass friend in the group...

agreed complete idiot, this isn't an FML, more of an MLIA, barely...

#7, maybe it was the energy bandit. Broke into the house just to turn shit on and leave.

ur a fucking idiot. they do turn on the light dumbass

#28, so you think the best thing to do when robbing someone is to leave lights on to confirm that you're there? oh and to make yourself perfectly visible to anyone outside? people would be able to see your silhouette move around, taking random things. although you have a fair point. if the house-owner is anyone like OP, you might be able to buy yourself some more time to grab things while they wait patiently in the bushes.

Wow. You are an idiot.

ok I understand leaving the light on and forgetting and think your being robbed but wow idiot. if only their is a phone number to call something easy to remember I know I will create such one and the number will be 911.

35 it's smarter to turn a light on then walk around with flashlights or banging into things in the dark.

@#35, so you think its wiser to rob a house in the dark while walking into various objects (e.g- table, chair, etc.) risking injuries and making loud noises? Also, you say that lights on will signal to people that house is being robbed. Ok then, next time I walk down the street and see a house with lights on, I'll be sure to smash down the door holding a weapon, ready to take on the 15 year old left home alone that was suposedly the "robber"

Why would you hide if someone was robbing your house? Run in and kick there ass. Ydi for being a dumbass

Because if the house-owner comes back while you're walking round like it's your house, you're obviously gonna give yourself away. That didn't occur to you? :/ that you'd be worried about the house owner coming in any minute and finding you? Yeah, I'd definitely use a flashlight.

Today, I didn't get robbed. FML

well if someone robs the house with the lights on they're still do a smarter way than what I do. I do a handstand take of my shoes and sock, then grab everything I can with my toes and feet. so far I only have 7 pencils 4 pens and 1 toothbrush.

hahaha 56- good one lol

#55, even if the lights were off, the owner would find the robber either way...did that ever occur to you? And a flashlight just makes your job much longer, more complicated and harder

whether people rob houses with the lights on or off it doesn't really matter. what does matter is how silly op is, they should have called 999/911 whatever to get help, as the robbers could have been armed. then at least if they were caught op would have a chance at getting their stuff back. if op had have been mistaken, which they were it would have been understandable to the police.

Today, I left the light on. FML

xXLenaXx stfu seriously ur just annoying

no i won't stfu, michael. seriously, i just wrote my opinion and other people wrote theirs. if it bothers you so much then just don't get involved, jeez.

no more booze for you mr

lmao smootthhee 0=] nice going op. BLONDE MOMENT

LOL @7 your comment is the best m8! I couldn't stop laughing for 10 solid minutes. You are well brilliant!!

@41 I'm sorry but how do you call the cops! I can't find number 11 on the phone.

I agree... Your Life Totally SUCKS!! Because your an effin Retard! By the way.. don't ever do it again, global warming is something that affects us all :)

lol, so true :P

dumbass. . Skadoosh!

#7 ftw u got pwned noob op!! and ps u sir are a fuckin retard but this sounds like it's from a movie.

dang, you're fine!

hottie!! wanna rape?!

crackhead lay off the shit and you wont be so paranoid

That's okay sounds like something I would do if I forgot that I left the light on.

I would forget to but I would call 911 and say ihinknim neing robbed but not shure.

fucking iPod I would say I think I'm being robbed"

hahaha 42, i genuinely though you were using some kind of i'm-talking-through-a-napkin-so-the-robber-doesn't-find-out talk. but it's just your ipod. :P

Yah when I see a light on I automatically assume I'm being robbed.'re fucking stupid


I couldn't have said it better myself 10 !

yes normal people tend to hide behind a bush when they think they're being robbed... so what you were just going to stand there, wait for the guy to take whatever he wanted, then call the police? thank God, you were wrong... dumbass... -.- (asian eyes ftw.)