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  fareith  |  15

88 - Only some do - most likely he would have been interacting with many Chinese speaking clients. I live in the states, but one of my dads airports for work is in Hong Kong, he spends most of his life there.

By  juice15  |  4

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  ambitiousnygrl  |  17

I've had bosses tell me one thing and than say something completely different later on, only to deny what they previously said. That was probably the case with OP's boss and they had no control over the matter.

  maimengming  |  10

I very highly doubt that OP is fluent in Chinese, sorry to tell you. It takes years, especially if OP's native language doesn't have tones. Since they're Canadian, we can guess that they most likely don't. Chinese can take ten+ years to become fluent. I've studied for four and I'm not fluent. The bright side isn't that they know Chinese. More that they don't have to move across the planet. Beautiful country though.

  cathyfang1533  |  12

A lot of people in Hong Kong speak Cantonese instead of mandarin. When they do speak mandarin, it is often with a heavy accent, so OP would have a hard time trying to understand them.

  heinous966  |  15

If there is no language called Chinese there is no language called English, Norwegian, or German. Being this dickheaded about it is like saying "English? There is only British English or American English. Not just English.", or when someone says they're learning Norwegian saying that there is no such language, only bokmal and norsk. Obviously, if they say they're learning something and specify what region they're going to, they're unexplicitly saying what branch and dialect of the language they have learned. Since OP is going to Hong Kong I seriously doubt they would be stupid enough to learn anything but Cantonese. When you expect to be relocated somewhere, you usually don't just say "k." and learn nothing about the place in the months leading up to transfer.

By  jojimugo  |  20

That's tough and it sucks that you had to sell all your stuff but look on the bright side, you learnt a new language, you get to stay home ( trust me moving to a new land with new people sucks big time) and finally you get new stuff assuming you still have the money from selling your house