By oops - Netherlands - Nieuwe-niedorp
Today, after spending almost an hour in the dentist's waiting room, watching other people get called in for their appointments, I finally lost my patience and asked the receptionist what was taking so long. I'd forgotten to sign in. FML
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  MCRaddict15  |  15

I remember once that I forgot to sign in and no one reminded me. I remembered only when a woman sat down with a form. nevertheless I saw it as my fault, not snapping at the receptionist.

  joshiepo0  |  18

Well from the way I read the FML she got snippy before ever realizing she was in the wrong. Once she was told she should have apologized but we will never know what happened afterwards.

  SillyGirl4602  |  23

32- He*
I agree though. He automatically assumed that he is not being acknowledged and then snapped at the receptionist for it. He was the idiot who forgot to sign in.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

39 has a great point. No one should assume and take their aggressions out on somebody else, when they are clearly in the wrong. Some people love to blame others. I wish I could apologize to the receptionist for having to deal with OP.

  kristabelli  |  19

"Sign in?" What kind of clinic doesn't even call a person's name when it's their appointment time, just assumes you're not there because you didn't "sign in" like it's kindergarten or something?

  snufflelump  |  12

^ Reminds me of the friends episode where the waiters had a bet going to see how long Ross would stay after being stood up.

..too bad OP didn't get free crab cakes out of it.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

You'd be astounded how often that happened to me when I was working as a receptionist. And it's not like you're not tethered to the phone the whole time. No, it's okay, I'll just magically figure out who you are.

  faygo_chick  |  5

I hadn't gone to my dentist for over 5 years.
When i went in, they recognized me when I went to check in.
The next 2 times in the month, I didn't need to check on at all.
They were just like hey!