By racking-leaves - 14/11/2012 19:55 - United States

Today, after spending 3 hours raking leaves, I went to the store to get some supplies. I came back to find my neighbor had decided to blow his leaves all over my yard. FML
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Curse you, Dinkleberg!!!

Rake them over to his house. Better yet, steal his leafblower and blow them back over there.


Rake them over to his house. Better yet, steal his leafblower and blow them back over there.

caplox 6

Like that one sponge bob episode..

caplox 6

31- so basically just waste your money to get revenge?

Curse you, Dinkleberg!!!

Dinkleberg doesn't intentionally do the things he does to piss off Timmy's dad. He's unaware he's hated by him. I hope I didn't ruin the joke, ignore my comment, etc.

Are you squidward now? That's okay, take your time.

54- wrong show

OhDearBetrayal 25

62- Crossovers are jokes, too.

maxmex13 7

Stupid Flanders

My apologies, 66. I thought we were going to make a chain of fairly oddparents quotes, but after checking a few days later, I was wrong.

iOceanus 18

Just get your blower out and return the favor!

Exactly! Let the odds be in your favor. Or should I say leaves...

JOcoco 14

I doubt he has a blower if he was raking.

He could have just been a nice guy and bagged his own leaves. Idk if that's possible with a leaf blower, we use a rake...

Lant 6

I would knock on his door then when he opened it i would whupp his ass

Set fire to his house...or just blow them back

cloudygirl5 16

Your neighbor is mean! Sucks for you :( You should blow they back in his yard

Be the bigger man

Bag your leaves. Pour onto neighbour's yard. Hose leaves down so they can't be blown away.

Good fences make good neighbors.

Life lesson right there

Indeed it is, that's why my fences are always 6ft high and made of cinder block.

He's an asshole, but that's still funny haha.

alexhaz64 4

Well now you can have an even bigger leaf pile to jump into!

Kill him with kindness? Nah... Boring. Steal his leafblower and blow the leaves back to that fucker.