By RyoKioKio
Today, after seeing my cat struggle to use the litterbox and produce nothing for two days, I caved and took him to the emergency vet, fearing a UTI. It wasn't. $200 and 2 Lyft rides later, he's stoned out of his mind and peeing just fine. FML
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By  jbuckets_404  |  38

So it was the Lyft rides themselves and not the vet who got 'im going again??? ;-)

So what was the source of the "stoniness" that stymied pussycat's piddle progress?
Your own stash of hash, me lass? Lol
--Unconscious Poet

  jbuckets_404  |  38

EVERY day is 4/20 ... if you keep forgetting to change that day's page on the calendar (for some strange reason - of several).

Actually, it IS 4/20 everyday ... TWICE ... at A.M. and at P.M. ;-)

  jbuckets_404  |  38

Actually, it's much more likely that the vet himself gave Kitty Kat some sort of pain opioid to help it more easily urinate.
Note that OP only said that afflicted feline had been having difficulty (voiding) for 2 days (that implies pain), not that it was already falling over stoned.

By  caffeine_addict  |  11

You waited two days to take your cat that's not peeing to the vet? You know that can kill them, right? Sorry OP, but YDI

By  dasin  |  17

am i stupid or everyone else for thinking the vet gave the cat drugs to help the problem rather than assuming the cat was stoned thus cuasing a problem

By  nature_girl_08  |  14

You did the right thing. It's entirely possible he was starting to get blocked, but it went away on its own. Blockage in male cats can kill them. It's always better to pay a vet bill and have it turn out to be nothing than to wait and have the worst happen.