By tanksfan - 05/01/2010 05:55 - India

Today, after secretly smoking for more than 2 years, I decided to quit. I come home from work and I see my wife holding a pack and asking me what was it doing behind the toilet seat. FML
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Tell her your girlfriend must have left them there, she will forget all about the smokes.


nice hiding place ;)

what in India or behind the toilet? (read where op's from)

Oh snap. she's gonna think that she's the motive for quitting now.

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Freaking racist.

Tell her your girlfriend must have left them there, she will forget all about the smokes.

+ 1 internets for making me laugh out loud.

2 internets!!!

Only will be convincing if the girlfriend is over 65, otherwise - they remember where their smokes are.

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lol tru 3!!

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The wife will forget about the cigarettes not the fake gf..

Did you not read the FML.

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Hahahaha I just shit my pants laughing. :D

Dude.... chill on the smiley faces, seriously. o_o

"Second" would refer to the number 2.

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ah man... ok fine... third =)

see, both your comments fail on epic levels, because you called second, when you were third, then called third when the comment was fourth....

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Again with the smiley faces.

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Ew. ydi. :x

Thats some fine logic you have there, i would say he deserves it for having a bitchy wife.

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Something (experience?) tells me this wasn't the first time you've "decided to quit", so ydi. If it really was all a big misunderstanding (by some coincidence today was the first time you diced that), well now that she can "help" you along, your quitting will be alot more productive!

how's his wife bitchy? he hid a secret from her for over two years. I'd be pretty annoyed at that! YDI for smoking AND hiding things from the one who's supposed to be your 'significant other'.

He HID the secret for two years. She has every right to be "bitchy" and he deserved every bit of grief he gets from her. Though, I'm kinda surprised she couldn't smell it on him, unless he hid it super well. Or its just me having a sensitive nose.

nodded it :D lol, the ironing is delicious.

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Hey, whatever you're into.

Well, you chose a good time to quit because now you'll have the nagging of your wife to help too.

tell her it was for 'emergencies' when u felt stressed out. once in a blue moon and thats ita no big deal and she can toss them u couldnt care less. then try to really quit and kick tha habit

I love how people are always trying to give advice and solutions in response to fmls as if the OP is waiting patiently at their computer saying "ohhh gosh help me fml readers! help me!!"

HAHAHA best comment ever!

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i secretley smoked for 3 years and quit..its more stressfull to hide the fact that you smoke. quiiting will be liberating

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I also smoked for several years, hiding it from my wife. Helped by a few things: 1. Very little intimacy or sex life. 2. Only smoked while in a moving car with the windows cracked. 3. After smoking, rolled the windows down to air things out. 4. Attended AA meetings (where I never smoked). When she told me she was leaving me for someone else, I fessed up. She got very angry. Bitch.

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Why did you hide it? Grow a pair, dude.