By Anonymous
Today, after saving up for a beautiful new dress to wear to my partners 30th birthday party, it finally arrived in the post. I try the dress on and instantly the stitching rips and leaves two big holes in it. Turns out I'm no longer a size 8. FML
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  Knittedbirch  |  8

Depends why the product is damaged. If OP's measurements match the dress measurements on the site, then there was a mistake somewhere on their end that they might refund for.

By  Allie614032  |  34

You should always measure yourself before buying something online... and obviously you were putting way too much pressure on the material if it didn't rip only once, but twice. YDI.

By  Knittedbirch  |  8

First, measure the dress and check it against the measurements online. If you went by the sizing guide from the website and the dress you got doesn't match it, contact customer service, you can almost certainly get a refund/exchange in that case. (and if you didn't go by the sizing guide and just figured "eh, I'm usually a size 8," sorry but YDI a bit, you should always check measurements when you buy online).

If you can't return the dress, you could look into getting it tailored. I'm assuming it's a pretty nice dress if you had to save up for it, so maybe it's worth salvaging. Tailoring can be expensive, but for pricey clothes it's still cheaper than buying a new dress (depending on the cut and what type of holes we're talking about and how much bigger it actually has to be made). If nothing else, you might be able to repair the ripped seams and have a really pretty dress to give to a smaller-sized friend.

Also, I hope you have a great time at the party no matter what you wear :)

  aly2328  |  7

There is nothing wrong with a size 8 woman or a size 14 woman. All women no matter what size are beautiful. All people no matter what size are beautiful. The only thing wrong here is you. You sit in front of a screen and degrade people so you can feel better about yourself.

  neuronerd  |  28

A US 8 is a UK 10. I'm an 8 (at 5'10") and by BMI standards, I'm not even close to overweight.

  nonsensical  |  26

Makes it better