By Anonymous - 14/12/2011 16:53 - United Kingdom

Today, after returning to the UK from my Australian holiday, I was fired from my job for no reason. My boss told me he'd waited till I'd returned to do it. I could have stayed in Australia with my mates traveling for a year if I had been fired before I left. I'm sure he did it on purpose. FML
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rcloca 10

Poor you and f*ck your boss.

Pufferfish78 5

What's stopping you from going back?


rcloca 10

Poor you and f*ck your boss.

He fired you for no reason? Isnt that illegal?

To the courtroom! *bat symbol starts to spin*

*robin gets beat up*

39 - Cue Phoenix Wright "Objection!"

bitchslapped22 14

It is so illegal, and if he uses that excuse in court when OP sues his ass, he's in trouble

22- We go over this every time chief. The UK may have different laws about employment, just like some states here have at-will employment laws.

Or maybe he hasn't been there long. In Canada (not sure if USA is the same), the employer is allowed to fire you for no reason at all if you've been there under 3 months

What a douchebag! Geesh!

eyeIoveyou 4

i'm going to try to be the voice of reason here and say that we don't know the whole entire situation as to why the person who wrote this FML was fired. of course, from their perspective, they think they've done nothing wrong as would anyone else. unless their boss is a total douche bag and wants to hear it from the person who wrote this FML in court, it's highly likely that they do have an actual reason.

We call "the person who wrote this FML" OP.

eyeIoveyou 4

oh alright, thanks man (:

It sounds like the OP's boss was trying to avoid ruining your vacation by not firing you beforehand. There's your silver lining ladies and gentlemen

but maybe his boss was being nice maybe he was getting a paid vacation?

Inb4 "sue him!!!!!!"

Sue him? Really? I don't think that would work.

I know that. That's why I said "in before."

Just barely. #4 has already started the "wrongful termination" bandwagon. Just because you don't like the circumstances in which you were fired, it doean't mean the termination itself was illegal.

Brian - remember you're dealing with the lowest common denominator here. Comments like this, though obviously tongue-in-cheek, can easily be misconstrued. My apologies for all the big words, folks. What I meant was "lolol ur dum".

KiddNYC1O 20

Big words? Let's see... From denominator I can make up: Demon Rat Mint Note Not Dim Tired Minor The list goes on, folks. Big word indeed.

28, are you one of those morons who thinks you're a genius just because you're capable of using words with multiples syllables? Congratulations, you're on par with the average 10-year-old.

SpruceDread4578 13

106- you're going against Doc?!?! You have balls....or tits if your a girl.

106- So because he uses words that a dumbass wouldn't, he must be an egotistical cunt? WTF? Your trolling sucks. Congrats on looking like a 'tard.

108, Doc IS a genius.

iwadasn - No, I think I'm a genius because of the IQ test I took when I was younger. That isn't bravado or braggadocio, it's plain fact. Oh wait, am I being too obtuse for you? Go ahead, I'll wait until you look it up.

I know what "obtuse" means, as do most people. Again, you seem to think that the way to make yourself seem smart is to imply that everyone else is stupid, but that just makes you look immature.

I doubt most people know what that means, but I'm so proud of you that you do. I think I make myself seem smart by making intelligent comments. You appear to be trying to imply that I'm not, for reasons known only to you. One of my goals here is to make people like you look foolish, but I think you've accomplished that goal just fine without my help. Well done!

117, you just got told.

Pufferfish78 5

What's stopping you from going back?

Cost probly is like 26h flight from there

Pufferfish78 5

But yet he can still afford to travel for a year?

with his friends, and he probably has money in the bank.

Travelling is surprisingly cheap, a lot of people work along the way and stay in hostels so it doesn't cost that much overall! However the tickets can be extremely expensive which I know as I just flew from Ireland to Australia!

Traveling isn't cheap in Australia. Nothing is. The wages are high, but ao are expenses

Actually, you need to have health insurance if you're not an Australian citizen or permanent resident. So, no, OP would not get free healthcare.

leogirl95 12

Money dumbass. Money doesn't grow on trees.

Nothing is. He's probably complaining that he already took the long flight home, unpacked, went to work, and got fired. Simple as that. ...Or is it O.o???

...and now he will go through the hassle of getting there, unpacking (again), and other travel stuff...

sighawkward 6

Ah actually he would get medicare as he is from the UK.

I have a UK passport, and am not eligible for Medicare, as I'm on a temporary visa. You'd have to be a permanent resident or citizen (or have some kind of permanent visa) to get Medicare.

If he fired you for no reason, you can take him to court for wrongful termination. What a jerk...

laxbro182 1

There is clearly a reason, OP just does not want to share the fact that he messed up

Are you an expert in UK employment law? It doesn't even sound like you know much about US employment law. Where I work, you can be let go for anything or nothing just like you can quit whenever for whatever. I believe that is the standard at most places. Besides, there aren't many employees around that cause for termination can't be found if you look hard enough. Read an employee handbook sometime. They're purposely written to be easy to violate.

Maybe he's an at-will employee? Meaning he can quit whenever he wants without giving a reason and be let go without a reason.

BTW, #13, my comment was directed at #4, not you. I happen to agree with you.

Thank GOD I have a union... Because that would suck. The being fired for no reason thing

Wow what a dick. That's not right.

Maybe the job wasn't worth having if your boss was that terrible.

Thank him for the extended vacation, call your mates and head back. If you can afford to travel for a year plane tickets should be no problem.

felah17 6

Did that get you hopping mad??

People have the weirdest humor on here. This comment wasn't so bad...

tylersign 11

Ever seen Horrible Bosses?

That was a top-notch movie! :)

Follow these instructions carefully: 1. Give your boss the "one finger salute" 2. Thank him over and over for setting you free from his or her unending bullshit and poor decisions 3. Call your mates and go back 4. Drink beer and celebrate your freedom 5. Look for new job in a year

*Two-finger salute.

Are you retarded? Two finger salute? Really? You may as well hold up three and yell READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!!! One finger is much more meaningful

I'm american, but I am here to clarify what the two finger salute is. It is basically saying "FUCK YOU", like the middle finger but used in the UK and uses your middle and index finger. But it only works when your knuckles are facing the guy you are giving the bird to.

LunaDragon 10

I say give him the toe, I'd be much more offended if someone gave me the toe. (if you get the reference you obviously watch to much tv) ;)

desireev 17

50-cosmosis- I think he was referring to "flipping him off" with both hands!!

56- if you have to say if you get this you whatch to much tv, you whatch to much tv

Didn't realise I had to clarify. OP is in UK; the "two-finger salute" is a much ruder gesture. Centrist fuckwits.

55 is American and already explained what it meant. We're clearly not all centrist, although you seem quite prejudiced against all Americans.

"Prejudiced against all Americans", really? Because I called the centrist fuckwits "centrist fuckwits"? You're the only one implying it applies to ALL Americans. I explained what I meant because there still seemed to be some confusion with varying explanations being offered and cos I felt like it. Get a sense of humour or at least a sense of proportion. Making a leap from my initial tongue in cheek comment to prejudice just smacks of over-earnestness.